THIS JUST IN … Delta Conveyance Project Scoping Summary Report Now Available

From the Department of Water Resources:

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has published a Scoping Summary Report for the proposed Delta Conveyance Project. This scoping report is a summary of the public scoping period that concluded in April. It includes all public comments received. The information collected during scoping will help inform the ongoing environmental analysis.
The scoping report includes:

    • project overview
    • the purpose of scoping 
    • a description of scoping activities, meetings, and notifications
    • a summary of public comments received
    • copies of all public comments received, including public scoping meeting transcripts 

The purpose of scoping is for DWR to gather feedback from the public and agencies on what to consider when preparing the proposed Delta Conveyance Project Environmental Impact Report. Specifically, DWR was seeking input on the range of project alternatives and potential environmental impacts to study further.
DWR will continue environmental review and analysis of the proposed Delta Conveyance Project, which is intended to maintain reliability of the state’s water system in the decades to come. For more information about the status of the environmental planning work, click here.

Read/download summary report below:

Delta Conveyance Project__Scoping Summary Report_ADA_Final

Access the full report by clicking here, opening up the ‘EIR Scoping’, and scrolling down.

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