SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY & WATERSHED SCIENCE: 16 years of SFEWS, Monitoring contaminants in the Delta, Modeling South Delta entrainment, and more …

In this edition of the San Francisco Estuary and Watershed News:


Sixteen Years of San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science: A Retrospective
Samuel N. Luoma, Lauren D. Muscatine
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Review of and Recommendations for Monitoring Contaminants and their Effects in the San Francisco Bay−Delta
Richard E. Connon, Simone Hasenbein, Susanne M. Brander,  Helen C. Poynton, Erika B. Holland, Daniel Schlenk, James L. Orlando, Michelle L. Hladik, Tracy K. Collier, Nathaniel L. Scholz, John P. Incardona, Nancy D. Denslow, Amro Hamdoun, Sascha C. E. Nicklisch, Natàlia Garcia–Reyero, Edward J. Perkins, Evan P. Gallagher, Xin Deng, Dan Wang, Stephanie Fong, Richard S. Breuer, Mehrdad Hajibabaei, James B. Brown, John K. Colbourne, Thomas M. Young, Gary Cherr, Andrew Whitehead, Anne E. Todgham

Where Predators and Prey Meet: Anthropogenic Contact Points Between Fishes in a Freshwater Estuary
Brendan M. Lehman, Meagan P. Gary, Nicholas J. Demetras, Cyril J. Michel


Integration of Transport, Survival, and Sampling Efficiency in a Model of South Delta Entrainment
William E. Smith

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About SFEWS:  San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science is an open access journal providing peer-reviewed research about the complex environmental and water management issues of the Bay‒Delta, linking new science to policy with great impact. SFEWS‘s regional focus offers authors a chance to publish research that may uncover novel solutions to help solve some of the most significant problems that California policy-makers are addressing today.

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