ESTUARY NEWS: Coverage of State of the Estuary conference: Water, environment, climate, equity

In the December issue of Estuary News, special coverage of the 2019 State of the Estuary Conference:

  • Latest science on native fish communities,waterfowl surveys, salmon carrying capacity, in-Bay whale sightings, and the food preferences of salt marsh harvest mice.
  • Deep dive into the human dimension of Estuary health, including urban greenspace and community based design.
  • Five views of how to achieve more equitable bi-directional powersharing.
  • Recent progress curbing microplastics in the Bay, ammonium in the Delta, and black water rolling off Susiun duck clubs.
  • Various policy initiatives including a review of the new Delta Plan Amendment.
  • Why climate adaptation requires high risk science, social science, and neuroscience.
  • Our reporters summarize 12 conference sessions and 115 speakers in 28 pages.
Click here to read this issue of Estuary News.

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