THIS JUST IN … Department of Water Resources withdraws consistency determination for California Water Fix

The Department of Water Resources has sent a letter to Randy Fiorini withdrawing the Department’s certification of consistency for the California Water Fix.

While DWR firmly believes the timing of filing the Certification of Consistency for WaterFix was appropriate based on the thorough record that had been prepared for the project and that this record more than adequately supports the findings that WaterFix is consistent with Delta Plan policies, DWR appreciates that there are unresolved issues related to interpretation of the requirements of the Delta Reform Act and Delta Plan policies,” the letter states.  “Therefore, DWR is hereby withdrawing the Certification of Consistency for California Water Fix that was filed on July 27, 2018.”

Read the full letter here:   DWR to DSC WaterFix Consistency Certification 12.7.18

Brief background: The Department of Water Resources filed a consistency determination with the Delta Stewardship Council that the California Water Fix project was consistent with the Delta Plan as required by the Delta Reform Act.  That consistency determination was then appealed by nine parties.  In October, a public hearing was held where evidence was presented by both sides; subsequent to that, the Delta Stewardship Council staff issued a draft determination that not enough evidence existed in the record to support DWR’s determination that the California Water Fix was consistent with the Delta Plan, and staff recommended the Council remand the matter back to the Department of Water Resources.  In mid-November, the Council held a two-day workshop that ended with Chair Fiorini saying the submission of the consistency determination was premature and recommended DWR withdraw the consistency determination, (which DWR has done today.)





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