THIS JUST IN … City of Antioch files motion for Continuance of Phase 2 of Cal Water Fix hearing and Reconsideration of Reopening of Part 1

The City of Antioch has filed a motion with the State Water Board asking them to consider additional issues that the Antioch believes may necessitate substantial changes to the hearing schedule as the hearing officers work to address concerns of ex parte communications that have been raised by other parties.

Their motion states that the proposed operations scenario for Part 2 is different from the operating scenario discussed and analyzed in Part 1 of the hearing, as well as the scenario that was analyzed in the Biological Assessment.  The operating scenario proposed for part 2 is substantially different, proposing additional exports from south of Delta during some months, while less is proposed to be exported during other months.  These changes in export flow volumes and locations have an impact on water quality throughout the Delta.

The motion also notes that the Department of Water Resources is considering phasing the construction of the project and point out that if less water is exported from the North Delta diversion locations, this will result in more water being diverted from the South Delta pumps, and therefore new operations scenarios will need to be defined to determine how, where, and when water will be exported from the Delta.

Read the full motion here:  Antioch Motion for Continuance of Phase 2 of Hearing [1]+



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