THIS JUST IN … DWR responds to allegations of ex parte communications regarding Cal Water Fix; says hearing at State Water Board should continue


The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has filed a response to the allegations of ex parte communications between State Water Board and DWR staff regarding the Cal Water Fix hearings that were scheduled to have begun yesterday.  On Monday, Delta tunnel opponents filed a motion, seeking a stay and/or continuance of the Part 2 hearings; the State Water Board subsequently postponed the hearings for two weeks to investigate the matter.

None of the alleged ex parte communications cited by Protestants constitute a substantive issue or controversial matter of practice and procedure within the scope of the proceeding,” writes DWR in their response, saying that the communications in question either happened prior to the Notice of Public Hearing, were regarding non-substantive or non-controversial procedural issues, or issues related to the California WaterFix Environmental Impact Report through its role as a CEQA Responsible Agency.

DWR requests the hearing officers to deny the pending motions.

Read DWR’s response here:  DWR Consolidated Opposition to Motions re Ex Parte


(Hat tip to Alex Breitler!)


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