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When it comes to California’s water issues, you understand the importance of unbiased reporting.

Whether it is coverage of the Oroville Dam incident, the passage of the WIIN Act, or the Grant Davis appointment at the Department of Water Resources, you can count on immediate, comprehensive, and impartial reporting from Maven’s Notebook.

Today, policy makers and stakeholders continue to grapple with what’s coming next with the California Water Fix, groundwater management, water quality, and more. If we are to move forward on these issues, well-informed policy makers and an equally knowledgeable public are crucial.

Your continued support of Maven’s Notebook helps to cut through the complicated and controversial details of water flow, water supply, water quality and environmental disputes to provide factual, unbiased information; information that leads to informed decisions that benefit the environment and our quality of life.

But you support more than independent reporting.

Because of you, Maven’s Notebook recently launched a new program to create the new California Water Library!

The California Water Library expands the universe of information provided by Maven’s Notebook, supplementing the timely, unbiased and relevant news reporting you’ve come to rely on with a vast database of research papers, reports, and planning documents that take readers deep into topics such as water quality, environmental science, and groundwater hydrology.

Your contribution also ensures that hundreds of students across California are educated in water issues at universities where Maven’s Notebook plays a critical role in their curriculum. Providing our next generation with neutral and complete facts on water issues will be essential in the stewardship of this important resource.

Your gift allows the open and transparent sharing of information on these critically important issues around California’s water management.

While much has been accomplished, there is much more to be done.  With so many key policy processes underway, the need for unbiased and accurate information that Maven’s Notebook provides could not be more critical.

Thank you for your support and for being a reader of Maven’s Notebook!With warm regards,

Chris Austin (Maven)
Founder, Maven’s Notebook

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