WEBSITE NEWS: New daily and weekly email service options make it easy to keep up to date with the latest California water news

From full service to once a week, new email options from Maven’s Notebook let you choose how often you receive in your inbox the latest water news and information posted at Maven’s Notebook.

FULL SERVICE: Six days a week with breaking news alerts

Really passionate about your water news?  Sign up for full service and you will receive a daily email Sunday through Friday by 9am, and if anything big happens during the day, I’ll send you a breaking news alert.  Sign me up!

MONDAY thru FRIDAY, no breaking news

Don’t want to hear from me that much?  I’ve got you covered.  Sign up for Monday through Friday service and you’ll get a single email by 9am, Mondays through Fridays.  You’ll still see all the content that full service subscribers see, just without the Sunday email and the breaking news alerts.  A little less Maven in your email box.  Sign me up!


Interested in a weekly recap?  If you want to just check in on a weekly basis, or if you’re already on daily email service and you want a recap, you can subscribe for weekly service and you’ll get a listing of all the content posted for the week delivered to your inbox before 10am on Fridays.  (Click here for an example.)  Sign me up!

Click here to sign up for daily and/or weekly email service.
By the way, it’s free!

Already an existing subscriber?  You can change your preferences by choosing “update preferences” at the bottom of any recent email, or by entering in your email address into the signup form and submit; choose “update preferences” in the error message – or send me an email and tell me what options you’d like.  I’m happy to help!


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