Sustainable Groundwater Management Act update: GSP webcast for Batch 1 now available, Batch 2 and Batch 3 meetings scheduled; Groundwater replenishment discussion paper; Draft basin boundary regs

Salinas Valley groundwater sliderboxFrom the Department of Water Resources Sustainable Groundwater Management Program:

Groundwater Sustainability Plan Draft Regulations Batch 1 Issues Webcast Recording Available

On July 20, 2015, DWR’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Program hosted an information meeting and webcast focusing on Batch 1 issues related to Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) Draft Regulations: (1) Measurable Objectives and Interim Milestones, (2) Pre-SGMA Conditions and Undesirable Results, and (3) Land Use and County Involvement. Below are links to the July 20 webcast and presentation file.

Find a recording of the July 20 webcast at:

Access the presentation files here:

Copies of the Batch 1 Issue Papers are available at:

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act requires the formation of Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) which must develop Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) in the Bulletin 118-defined groundwater basins or subbasins that were designated by DWR as medium or high priority. DWR has established a comprehensive multi-phased outreach approach to better understand issues and topics, as well as collection of information associated with the development of GSP regulations. Insights gained through the outreach process will build an informed regulation framework.

Sustainability WheelGroundwater Sustainability Plan Draft Regulations Batch 2 & Batch 3 Information Meetings & Webcasts Scheduled

DWR is hosting two information meetings and webcasts about issues related to GSP draft regulations on August 27 (Batch 2 Issues) and September 21 (Batch 3 Issues). Please see announcement for details at

New Discussion Paper on Water Available for Groundwater Replenishment

As part of the SGMA legislation, WC 10729 (c), DWR is required to prepare and publish a report by December 31, 2016, that presents the department’s best estimate, based on available information, of water available for replenishment of groundwater in the state. DWR has developed an issue paper highlighting relevant sections from the SGMA legislation, a summary of recent outreach, potential technical options and questions to consider. Information from communication and outreach efforts will be used to develop a work-plan to complete this requirement. Read the discussion paper at Comments on the discussion paper can be sent to

Draft Basin Boundary Emergency Regulations and Public Meetings

Draft Basin Boundary Emergency Regulations have been released. Public meetings to consider comments on the Draft Regulations have been scheduled. View the regulations and reference materials at  View the Public Meeting announcement at

Visit the DWR Sustainable Groundwater Management Program website at

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