Temporary Urgency Change Petitions approved for State and Federal Water Projects

This just inThe Executive Director of the State Water Resources Control Board has issued an order approving further changes to the license and permit terms requiring compliance with Delta water quality objectives for the State Water Project and Central Valley Project.

This order is approving some of the changes that were proposed in the April 9th request from the Department of Water Resources and the Bureau of Reclamation but were not acted because they were not necessary at the time.  The request from DWR and Reclamation states that these changes are intended to conserve as much water as possible in upstream reservoirs in order to protect aquatic species, water quality, and water supplies, as well as maintain cold water pool to help meet fall temperature requirements in the Sacramento River.

Some of the changes approved in the order include changes to Delta outflow, modifies flow requirements for the Sacramento River., and approves changes to salinity requirements (specifically, Western Delta EC) as well as moves the compliance point from Emmaton to Three Mile Slough from May through August 15 (see diagrams below). The order also requires the bypass of inflows to the project reservoirs, and updates export limitations.  For complete details, refer to the full documents below.

The order notes that it is acting upon most of the remaining changes requested so that parties can comment on a ‘fairly complete' order at the State Water Board's upcoming workshop on Tuesday, May 6.

Read the documents here:

Here’s all the legal stuff from the State Water Board:

Pursuant to California Water Code section 1438(d), any interested person may file an objection to the May 2, 2014 Revised Order.  Objections filed in response to the attached Notice must be received by the State Water Board and should be provided to the petitioners no later than 12 noon, on Monday, June 2, 2014.  Please file objections using the petition protest form, which can be downloaded at: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/waterrights/publications_forms/forms/docs/pet_protest.pdf.

Send objections or correspondence to the following: 1) State Water Resources Control Board, c/o Michael Buckman, P.O. Box 2000, Sacramento, CA 95812-2000 or via email at Michael.Buckman@waterboards.ca.gov; 2) Department of Water Resources, c/o James Mizell, P.O. Box 942836, Sacramento, CA 94236-0001 or via email at James.Mizell@water.ca.gov; 3) Regional Solicitor's Office, c/o Amy Aufdemberge, 2800 Cottage Way, Rm. E-1712, Sacramento, CA 95825 or via email at Amy.Aufdemberge@sol.doi.gov; and 4) U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Paul Fujitani, 3310 El Camino Ave., Room 300, Sacramento, CA  95821, or via email at pfujitani@usbr.gov.

In order to be fully considered, comments on the attached May 2, 2014 Revised Order must be submitted by noon on Tuesday, May 13, 2014.  Submit comments to State Water Resources Control Board, c/o Michael Buckman, P.O. Box 2000, Sacramento, CA 95812-2000 or via email at michael.buckman@waterboards.ca.gov.

As a reminder, on April 25, 2014, the State Water Board issued a Notice of Public Workshop regarding the Revised TUCP and subsequent Revised Order.  The Workshop will be held on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. in the Joe Serna Jr. – Cal/EPA Headquarters Building Coastal Hearing Room at 1001 I Street, Second Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814 at the Board’s May 6, 2014 Board Meeting (Agenda Item 5).

A broadcast of the May 6, 2014 State Water Board meeting, including the Workshop, will be available via the Internet and can be accessed at: http://www.calepa.ca.gov/broadcast/.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Diane Riddle at diane.riddle@waterboards.ca.govor (916) 341-5297.  If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Jean McCue at jean.mccue@waterboards.ca.gov or (916) 341-5351.


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