Website notes: Old format returns, plus what to expect this week

Old website format returns …

Thank you to all who submitted comments about the different website format.  Comments were running significantly more thumbs-down then thumbs-up, so I have returned it back to it’s previous layout.

I have had website envy ever since Legal Planet gave their site a makeover, as I really like how their stories lay out on the page, how the page fills the screen, and in general, the open look of the page.  It’s a new look and a new style that a lot of newspapers and other websites have been adopting.  And I have to admit, the larger type was much easier for my old eyes to read.  However, based on your comments, I’ve set that aside, but will tinker again at some point, looking to mix the best aspects of the new look while keeping in mind the specific comments I received.  I think there is a place somewhere in between the two that might work.  So stay tuned, because, as always, the Notebook remains a work in progress.

I value all of your opinions, because it really is you, the readers, that interact with the website, so please feel free to always send me your suggestions and comments – good and bad.  They are all important to me!

This week …

I’m hopping in the Mavenmobile and headed up north tomorrow (Tuesday), so content might be a little lighter than normal, although regular features will still post.  Look for coverage of the tomorrow’s BDCP oversight hearing to post next week. Meanwhile, I’ll be at the State Water Board workshop Wednesday morning, the IEP/CWEMF conference in Folsom on Wednesday afternoon, and the Delta Stewardship Council meeting on Thursday, so if you’re at any of those meetings, find me and say hi – I’d love to hear from you.

As always …

Thank you for being a reader of the Notebook blog.  You’re the reason why I show up to this computer every day!

With warm regards,
Chris “Maven” Austin


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