Wading through the economics of the BDCP: A recap of the reports, posts, fact sheets and more on the BDCP’s economic analyses

economic analysis

Updated June 21 with latest documents released by the BDCP.

There has been much posted and written about the economic analyses for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, and if all of it is spinning your eyeballs, you’re not alone.  Here’s a recap of posts, fact sheets and other useful things related to the BDCP economic analysis that has been posted so far:

Background information

  • Benefit-Cost Analysis, from the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics:  Start here if you’re a little unfamiliar with benefit cost analysis for infrastructure projects.  This article contains a useful discussion on things such as determining willingness to pay, valuing environmental benefits and other concepts that are important to understanding these reports.

The economic analysis reports

Here are the reports and fact sheets that have been produced so far:

Latest documents from the BDCP:

Bay Delta Conservation Plan documents

Workshops and presentations

Listed in descending date order:  (Note: these are just the postings in relation to the economics of the BDCP.  To review all coverage of the BDCP posted on Maven’s Notebook, click here.)

Bloggers on the BDCP’s Economic Analysis

  • Dr. Jeff Michael’s Valley Economy blog: For the main page, click here; for ‘Delta tunnel’ posts only, click here.
  • Dr. Rodney Smith’s Hydrowonk blog: For the main page, click here; for BDCP posts only, click here.
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