Assembly water bond hearing focuses on north state needs

From Assemblymember Anthony Rendon:

money“Assemblyman Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood), chair of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee convened a hearing in Redding at the request of Assembly Member Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) to discuss regional water issues, the looming statewide water crisis, and the state Assembly’s water bond proposal.  Assembly Members Adam Gray (D-Modesto) and Mariko Yamada (D-Davis) also attended.  The hearing convened in the Shasta County Board of Supervisors’ Chambers in Redding focused on the state’s aging water system, drought and the effects of climate change that threaten access to clean, affordable, and reliable sources of water for residents and industry.

In addition, panelists included:  Jim Branham, Executive Officer of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy; Ed McLaughlin, Board Member of the Third District Agricultural Association; Jeff Sutton, General Manager of the Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority; and, Fritz Durst, Chair of the Sites Reservoir Joint Powers Authority.

California’s water system serves over 30 million people and irrigates nearly 6 million acres of farmland. The EPA reports that federal water quality standards are not being met on over half of California’s 3 million acres of lakes, bays, wetlands and estuaries and 30,000 miles of the state’s shoreline, streams and rivers. The state hasn’t passed a water bond since 2006 and it’s clear that urgent public investments are needed to increase our future water supply reliability.

“I applaud Assemblyman Dahle for calling for this hearing.  The majority of our water originates in the North State mountains where the snowpack serves as the State’s largest reservoir. The watershed and ecosystems of the Sacramento Valley Region sustains the regional and statewide environment, population, and economy while providing a habitat for migratory Chinook salmon and irrigating the fields that are key stops for many birds travelling along the Pacific Flyway,” stated Assembly Member Anthony Rendon, chair of the Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee.

“I am pleased that the Assembly Water Committee has decided to come to Northern California.  I am glad to hear from the communities where water plays such a vital role in our economy and our way of life. I appreciate Chairman Rendon’s leadership on taking on this important issue,” Stated Assembly Member Brian Dahle.

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  1. Adan Ortega

    The day before his trip to Redding Assemblyman Rendon conducted a similar meeting in north Orange County at the request of Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva focusing on the water bond. A crowd of about 50 local elected officials and environmental leaders urged for funding of local projects to wean dependence on imported water. The nuance was in the expressed need for reliable state water project supplies to protect aquifers and the ability to use recycled water which requires blending – and to realize in the equity of funding programs the regions contributions to the state tax roll that bonds depend upon to finance.


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