A primer on Delta and statewide planning projects

many_ways_to_go_400_clr_7107-1With the release of the Governor’s California Water Action Plan, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of planning processes currently underway.

Just how many?  It’s easy to lose count.  Currently, there are three major planning efforts focused on the Delta: The Delta Plan, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, and the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan.  The California Water Plan and the Governor’s new California Water Action Plan take a broader, statewide view.  Additionally, there are numerous other planning processes and programs underway that affect the Delta in some way.  If you are a little baffled by the different plans, you’re certainly not alone.

In the never-ending quest to bring clarity to the world of California water, Maven’s Notebook is pleased to launch a new page for the Notebook File Cabinet which is a primer on the multitude of the processes underway.  On the new page, you’ll find all the plans organized and summarized, including information on how these plans fit together.  Links to websites and other relevant internet resources are included – everything you need to know organized into one place.

Click here for the new Delta and Statewide Planning Projects page.

The Delta and Statewide Planning Projects page is the latest addition to the resource section, the Notebook File Cabinet, which contains pages of information and internet resources on important California water topics.  (Admittedly, the file cabinet is a little empty, but more pages to be added soon!)

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