Department of Fish and Wildlife releases “Status of the Fisheries” report

Chinook salmon, photo by Department of Fish and Wildlife

Chinook salmon, photo by Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Department of Fish and Wildlife has released an update to the Status of the Fisheries report summarizing  the status of 18 of California’s marine species through 2011.  The report,a requirement of the Marine Life Management Act, is used to examine the effectiveness of DFW’s management programs and helps to determine if changes in regulations are warranted.

The report contains a 30-page section on salmon detailing the history of the species, the status of biological knowledge, population statistics, and details on how they are managed.  The report also includes a section on harmful algal blooms.

The Marine Life Management Act changed the way CDFW approaches management of the state’s marine resources,” the report states. “The goal of the act is to ensure that the marine resources of the state, and the habitats upon which they depend, are conserved and used sustainably. When species are depleted or habitats degraded, restoration is the management goal, and CDFW is expected to use the best available science to guide management efforts.”

Click here to read the report.

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