Delta Stewardship Council approves final direction for Delta Plan

Here’s an update from the Delta Stewardship Council on the status of the Delta Plan:

“A final review of the Delta Stewardship Council’s proposed Rulemaking Package is under way now through April 22. The revised version out for review is based on direction from Council members in response to public comments at the Council’s March 28-29 meeting. The Rulemaking Package is part of the process to turn the 14 Delta Plan policies into enforceable regulations.

“The regulatory policies have been subject to public comment and review since August 2011,” said Council Chair Phil Isenberg. “The modified and refined versions have been reviewed in the 5th, 6th, 7th and now final draft Delta Plan, as well as the all three volumes of the draft programmatic environmental impact report.” … “

The Council is expected to adopt the final Delta Plan and the regulations as well as certify the environemntal documents at the May 2013 Council meeting.  Read the full press release from the Delta Stewardship Council by clicking here.

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