Revised draft of Chapter 7 of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan now available

A revised version of Chapter 7, Implementation Structure, has been posted at the Bay Delta Conservation Plan website.

Chapter 7 describes the structure that will be established to govern and implement the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, and defines the roles, functions, authorities and responsibilities of the various entities.  According to the chapter’s introduction, “The BDCP implementation structure will help ensure effective and efficient Plan implementation and ongoing compliance with the provisions of the Plan and its associated regulatory authorizations.  This approach will also facilitate the clear delineation of roles and responsibilities among the public and private entities participating in the process and help define the nature of their engagement. This approach reflects the commitment to maintain and encourage ongoing collaboration among the parties with an interest in the Delta, and to facilitate adaptive and responsive Plan implementation, guided by new information and scientific understanding.”

The revised Chapter 7 reflects substantial changes from the version released in the February draft and further builds upon the changes laid out in the Joint Recommendations document issued in July.  It is being released for review prior to the upcoming BDCP Governance Working Group meeting scheduled for December 18.

The Notebook blog will be listening in on the meeting, and will report back on the details.

To download and read the new Chapter 7, click here.

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