State Water Board looks to reduce costs of compliance for dischargers

Reducing the costs of compliance for dischargers subject to Water Board regulation and oversight will be the focus of a State Water Board meeting on October 24th.  The meeting will initiate an effort to identify potential opportunities to reduce compliance costs without hindering the Water Board’s ability to protect water quality for the dischargers under the NPDES wastewater, NPDES stormwater, Irrigated Lands and Waste discharge to land (WDR) programs.

The Water Board invites all interested parties and stakeholders to participate as participation from the broader regulated community will be needed for the project to be successful.  The kickoff meeting will focus on the background, goals, work plan and schedule for the project; the roles of the Water Board and stakeholders will also be discussed.  The current workplan calls for the completion of a detailed report including recommendations by June of 2013.

This project is part of a larger effort to realign the resources of the Water Boards after the 2011-12 state budget eliminated all general fund support for water quality and other programs, instead requiring these programs to be funded by fees paid by the regulated community. The move necessitated the State Water Board to raise fees by $30 million in September of 2011; at the same time, the Water Board staff was directed to prepare a report that “assesses and aligns priorities with specific targets, and details the resources necessary to fulfill its statutory obligations including any opportunities for cost savings.”  Subsequently in April of 2012, the State Water Board completed a Resource Alignment Report.

The kickoff meeting will held on October 24th at 10:00AM in Sacramento.  A call-in number will be provided for those unable to participate in person.


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