Central Valley Flood Protection Board

The Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB) is the State regulatory agency responsible for ensuring that the flood control system in the Central Valley is maintained to appropriate standards.  The Flood Board issues encroachment permits, enforces the removal of problematic encroachments, and works with other agencies to improve flood protection structures.

The Central Valley Flood Protection Board works with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Local Maintaining Agencies in a coordinated approach to flood management. The Flood Board serves as the liaison between the State of California, its residents, property owners, Central Valley agencies, and the United States government, with the mission “to reduce the risk of catastrophic flooding to people and property within the California central valley” while also considering environmental and habitat concerns.

The Central Valley Flood Protection Board:

  • Manages 1,600 miles of levees, weirs, and channels, and maintains flood easements and parcels of Flood Board property throughout the Sacramento and San Joaquin River systems.
  • Manages encroachments on flood structures through comprehensive permitting enforcement and inspection program.
  • Adopts and implements the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP), including the Conversation Strategy.
  • Issue permits prior to the commencement of work for all encroachments that could be injurious to, or interfere with, the successful execution, functioning, or operation of the SPFC.

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