Rep. Jared Huffman wants your input on the California drought

From Rep. Jared Huffman:

Jared_Huffman,_Official_portrait,_113th_Congress“California is hurting.

In response to the worst drought in our state’s long memory, our public institutions—with one unfortunate exception—are stepping up.

Governor Brown and the legislature passed long-overdue groundwater and sustainable water investments through last year’s $7.5 billion water bond. Local governments and water districts are launching conservation plans to preserve dwindling water supplies. The Obama administration is providing millions in emergency grants to drought-stricken communities and farmers.

But some in Congress have treated the drought as a political opportunity instead of a moral imperative. They’ve dusted off the same political agenda they’ve pursued for years: weakening environmental laws, gutting fishery protections, and redirecting water needed by other regions—and tried to sell it as a drought response.

Instead, we need to work together to get through this drought. That’s why I developed the kind of serious, comprehensive legislation this crisis demands—and I want your input.  … ”

Continue reading at Rep. Jared Huffman’s website: Responding to the drought


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