Think of Maven’s Notebook as the Netflix for water issues

How many monthly services do you pay for now? If you’re like me, probably more than you used to. Many of us have found room in our budgets for subscriptions such as Netflix, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Spotify and more—services that we wouldn’t have dreamed of paying for years ago.

But how many of those monthly subscriptions give you access to the critical information you need every day to do your job?

That’s where Maven’s Notebook comes in. The impartial reporting and extensive coverage make it a daily “must-read” for everyone working on the state’s water issues. Can’t attend a meeting or conference in person? Many of my readers tell me that my summaries are the next best thing to being there, allowing them to be informed, knowledgeable and assured that the information is unbiased.

But Maven’s Notebook needs your support to continue. Reader donations are the engine that power Maven’s Notebook, but more funds are needed to ensure continued operation.

For as little as $10 or even $5 a month, you can receive an exclusive weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox every Monday at 8 am.  It has everything you need to know to get your water work week started, including the Notebook’s most popular content, a look at what’s on the calendar for the week ahead, and occasional updates and insights not found elsewhere on the website.  And of course, you can cancel at any time.  If a monthly commitment is not a good fit for you, please consider a one-time donation.

Adding Maven’s Notebook to your monthly budget means you can be assured the Notebook will continue to deliver unbiased and complete information about water news and happenings throughout the state. While I can’t offer you the latest episodes of The Queen’s Gambit or Schitt’s Creek like Netflix, we can work together to make a difference in the big water policy issues that lie ahead. I hope you’ll make space in your monthly budget for Maven’s Notebook.

Warmest regards,


P.S. Your tax deductible donation will ensure this critical work continues.  Donate today!

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