Maven’s Minutes: Water storage part 3: Optimizing surface and groundwater resources – where do we go from here?

California lacks a statewide sustainable groundwater management program, instead leaving groundwater under local control, and while there are a few stunning examples of successful and sustainable groundwater management programs in the state, there are also dismal examples of failure to manage some groundwater basins sustainably. So what are the impediments to better basin management and what can be done to […]

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Maven’s Minutes: Water storage, part 2: A look at California’s successful groundwater management and banking programs

California has long relied on surface reservoirs to manage the state’s fluctuating water supply as evidenced by the over 1300 reservoirs both large and small that dot the landscape – from Redding in the north to San Diego in the south.  However, environmental impacts, evaporation, and other concerns associated with reservoirs and the dams that create them have caused a […]

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White paper details the substantial role California's water sector can play in achieving the state's ambitious energy goals

By shifting its timing and use of electricity, California’s water sector can help avoid the need to build new power plants, a new white paper, California’s Water-Energy Nexus: Pathways to Implementation, has determined.  Written by GEI Consultants on behalf of the Water-Energy Team of the Governor’s Climate Action Team (WET-CAT), the paper hopes to stimulate discussion between regulators and policymakers […]

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