Independent science panels present findings to the Delta Stewardship Council from Delta flows workshops

Science Panel

At the July 25 meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, the council members heard an informational update on two independent science panel reviews on Delta flows and related stressors intended to help inform the State Water Resources Control Board’s update to the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan (Bay-Delta Plan) that is currently underway. The update to the Bay-Delta Plan is […]

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ESTUARY News: One estuary, many plans


The latest online issue of ESTUARY News sums up two days of presentations and discussions on the 2013 State of the Estuary conference, held last October in Oakland.  Here’s my coverage of a panel moderated by the State Water Board’s Felicia Marcus which featured Mark Cowin from the Department of Water Resources, Chris Knopp from the Delta Stewardship Council, Chuck […]

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Letter: Friends of the San Francisco Estuary want BDCP to analyze effects on SF Bay; more outflow for Delta


The Friends of the San Francisco Estuary have written two letters to state officials regarding the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. The first letter is addressed to Chair Felicia Marcus of the State Water Resources Control Board.  In the letter, they ask for total Delta outflows and Bay inflows to be increased during the update to the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control […]

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State of the Estuary Panel Discussion: One estuary, many plans: How will they fit together?

The 11th Biennial State of the Estuary  Conference was held in Oakland on October 29 and 30

The 11th Biennial State of the Estuary conference held in October, 2013, brought together the leaders from the state’s resource agencies to discuss the multiple planning processes going on and share their views on how these processes will work together. The panel discussion, One Estuary, Many Plans: How Will They Work Together?, was moderated by Felicia Marcus, Chair of the […]

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A primer on Delta and statewide planning projects


With the release of the Governor’s California Water Action Plan, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of planning processes currently underway. Just how many?  It’s easy to lose count.  Currently, there are three major planning efforts focused on the Delta: The Delta Plan, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, and the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan.  The […]

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Updates from the Delta Regional Forum, part 1: The Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan, the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan, and the Delta Plan

Rio Vista Bridge

On September 19, the Department of Water Resources held a Delta regional forum as part of the update to the California Water Plan.  Part of the forum was dedicated to updates on some of the relevant planning processes currently underway involving the Delta.  This post will cover the information presented regarding the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan, the Central […]

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Slow yet steady progress being made on the State Water Board’s update to the Bay Delta Plan

Sacramento River in the Delta,
picture by US FWS

At its June 19 meeting, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) heard a progress report on the update of the Bay Delta Plan, the water quality control plan that identifies the beneficial uses of the Delta’s waters and then sets water quality objectives to protect those uses.  The State Water Board is the state agency that is […]

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Congressmen raise concerns about San Joaquin flow objectives and lack of integration among Delta planning processes; agency officials respond


Concerns about the State Water Board’s proposed San Joaquin River flow objectives, the BDCP’s effect on upstream water rights, and a lack of coordination between the three major Delta planning processes underway prompted Congressmen Denham, Costa, LaMalfa, Garamendi, Nunes, McClintock, and Valadao to write a letter to Governor Jerry Brown last month.  This week, agency officials responded to the congressmen […]

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Slipping timelines for the BDCP and the State Water Board’s Bay Delta Plan

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Here is the latest on the timelines for the BDCP and the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan: BAY DELTA CONSERVATION PLAN At yesterday’s joint Senate oversight hearing on the BDCP, Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin told the senators that the draft EIR/EIS would still be released the week of May 6th as planned, and “the week of […]

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A status report on the State Water Board’s Bay-Delta Plan


With so much attention and focus on the Brown Administrations $18 billion tunnel plan, otherwise known as the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan, it could be easy to think it was the only planning process going on in the Delta.  However, there are two other important planning processes underway, the Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Plan and the State Water Resources Control Board’s […]

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