Delta Stewardship Council meeting 8/23/12: Near-term actions, the Coalition for Delta Projects, and a BDCP update

The Delta Stewardship Council held a one-day public meeting on August 23, in Sacramento.  Councilmembers Phil Isenberg, Randy Fiorini, Gloria Gray, Hank Nordhoff, and Don Nottoli were present. Among the items on the agenda, the Council considered near term actions for the Delta, heard about the stakeholder-driven Coalition for Delta Projects, received an update on the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan, and […]

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The Bay-Delta Conservation Plan public meeting, August 29th, 2012

The following is a rundown of what happened at the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan public meeting held on August 29th, 2012.  These are highlights only, and is a record of most of what happened; however, it is not meant to be a complete record or a compete transcript of the meeting.  I listened in on the conference call, which is why […]

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Kern County Water Agency gives the Bay Delta Conservation Plan 90 more days

After hearing Governor Brown and Secretary Salazar’s announcement regarding the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan in July, the Kern County Water Agency’s Board of Directors voted at its next meeting to continue participating in the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan for 90 more days, pending the release of the final draft of the Plan and its EIR/EIS, expected this fall. Kern County Water Agency […]

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