Water and hydrology resources on the internet: Reservoir conditions, precipitation indexes, snow charts, drought maps and more …

Reservoir Conditions

(links updated 4/5/2018)

Reservoir Conditions

Go here for an interactive map of the major reservoirs in the state. Note that it can take a few extra seconds to load, so be patient.  Click on a reservoir name to see storage graphs for individual reservoirs.

Reservoir Conditions – Top of Conservation Conditions (Statewide)

Although it’s not an issue this year with the reservoirs drawn down low, this special variation of the standard DWR reservoir webpage shows the amount of storage available for flood control.  Note that this page can be slow to load.

Reservoirs – Interactive

This page allows you to select individual reservoirs and view graphs of current versus historical and average conditions.

For even more on reservoir conditions …

Precipitation Data and Indexes

Item_9_Panel_1_Leahigh_Presentation_Page_04Northern Sierra Precipitation: Eight Station Index

Click on the image to view a graph of the Northern Sierra 8-station index.

San Joaquin Precipitation: Five Station IndexPLOT_FSI

Check out a graph of the San Joaquin 5-station index here.

Tulare Six StationTulare Basin Precipitation: Six Station Index

Check out the newest index, the Tulare Basin Six Station index here.

For even more on precipitation …

Snow Data

PLOT_SWCSnow Water Content graph

View a snow water content graph for the water year for each of the three zones in the Sierras.

swccondSnow Water Content map

Get a simple map of current snow water content levels of the three zones in the Sierras here.

Snow Depth SouthSnow maps

You can find just about anything else you want to know about the snowpack – like temperature, snowmelt, sublimation and more – at the National Weather Service’s Snow Analysis page.

For even more on snow conditions:


Current weather and data

USGS InfoUSGS California Water Data

Find real-time streamflow conditions, water quality data, and other current California conditions including surface-water, groundwater, spring sites, atmospheric sites and more at the USGS California Water Center.

CNRFCCalifornia-Nevada River Forecast Center

River, snow, precipitation, temperature, freezing levels, water temperature and more is available at the National Weather Service’s California-Nevada River Forecast Center.



For more on weather conditions …


Climate and Drought

California climate archiveCalifornia Climate Data Archive

Get long term precipitation and temperature data and more at this climate montioring and data access website sponsored by the California Energy Commission, the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and the Western Regional Climate Center.

Drought monitor USDrought Monitor

The U. S. Drought Monitor is published every Thursday.  Click on the image to view the latest map.


Click on the image to view groundwater and soil moisture conditions from GRACE data assimilation at the National Drought Mitigation Center website.

Vegetation Drought Response Index (Vegi-DRI)Vegi Dri

Produced every two weeks, the maps provide regional to sub-county scale information about drought’s effects on vegetation, integrating satellite-based observations of vegetation conditions, climate data, and other biophysical information such as land cover/land use type, soil characteristics, and ecological setting.

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