BLOG ROUND-UP: Delta tunnel subsidies, Delta restoration, Flow objectives for San Joaquin River tributaries, recycled water, and more …


Cowin on tunnels subsidy: ‘I can put that issue to rest’:  Alex Brietler writes, “Mark Cowin, director of the state Department of Water Resources, told water planners in Los Angeles on Monday that the state will not seek a federal subsidy for the Delta tunnels.  Cowin’s comments came after tunnels opponents last month released a draft economic analysis of the […]

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BLOG ROUND-UP: California’s fish emergency, Comparing Delta consumptive use; Dams, starving Delta smelt, and more …


California’s Fish Emergency: Lori Pottinger writes, “Three-quarters of the state’s native fish are in trouble, and options for recovery have been constrained by the drought. We talked to Peter Moyle—an eminent fish biologist at UC Davis’s Center for Watershed Sciences and a member of the PPIC Water Policy Center research network—about what can be done to bring native fish back […]

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BLOG ROUND-UP: Drought, coequal goals, Valley groundwater, water markets, measuring water, stormwater, and more …

Late afternoon reflections of an Aspen grove off South Lake Road, Bishop, CA  Photo by Jan Arendtsz

Drought prospects in California for the New 2017 Water Year – October 1, 2016: Jay Lund writes, “Happy New Water Year 2017!  Hopefully everyone has recovered from their celebrations.  The 2016 drought year is over. It was milder year than the four previous drought years. The great wet hope of the “Godzilla” El Nino did not end the drought, but […]

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BLOG ROUND UP: How much water is pumped from the Delta Banks pumping plant? A mystery; plus San Joaquin River tributary flow objectives, Delta tunnels, Water Storage Investment Program, Clinton and Trump, and more …

Headwaters Forest Reserve; Photo by BLM

How much water is pumped from the Delta Banks pumping plant? A mystery: The California Water Blog writes, “As the old saying goes, “Someone with one watch knows what time it is, someone with two watches is never sure.”  Water accounting is fundamental to water management, but is not easy. But any accounting is more difficult and expensive if it […]

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Blog round-up: San Joaquin tributary objectives, Delta tunnels economics, Met comes to town, water marketing, stormwater ruling and more …


“All of ’em. I’ll speak for all the agencies right now.” On the Public Record writes, “The State Board is setting instream flows for the rivers of the northern San Joaquin Valley.  Their first estimate is that districts must leave about 40% of the unimpaired flow in the rivers.  That would be about 390,000af more water in the rivers than […]

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Blog round-up: Delta tunnels, San Joaquin tributary objectives, low San Luis reservoir, California’s broken water system, messy environmental policy, and more …


Why California Water Fix is a path to extinction:  Doug Obegi writes, “Last month, the website Water Deeply published an op-ed I wrote about the likely harm to salmon and other endangered species from the California WaterFix project.  This op-ed followed a letter that NRDC sent to the Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service regarding major flaws […]

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Blog round-up: Delta tunnel impact on Delta communities, ecosystems in perpetual drought, drought and money, water demand forecasting, and more …

Tenaya Lake by Dave Toussaint

Impacts of the Delta tunnels proposal: Delta community submits testimony to State Water Board hearing: “Today Earthjustice, representing Restore the Delta, submitted detailed testimony from the communities that will be most affected by Governor Brown’s proposed $17 billion Delta Tunnels (CA WaterFix).  … Trent Orr, staff attorney with Earthjustice said, “Today’s testimony comes from farmworkers, Native Americans, subsistence and recreational […]

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Blog round-up: Delta tunnel economics, Delta smelt, Australia, federal under-reach on water, and more …

King Range Cons Area surfers by BLM Bob Wick

It Is Strange To Be Accused of Bias By WaterFix Supporters for Following The Information in Their Own Documents and Applications for Project Approval, says Dr. Jeff Michael: He writes, “The response from opponents to the benefit-cost report is both predictable and a little bit strange. Someone from the Department of Water Resources criticizes it for not using the “declining […]

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Blog round-up: Historically low San Luis Reservoir highlights broken water system; Praying to the wrong Gods; Taking the very long view on California drought; and more …

Trinity Divide by Joe Parks

Historically Low San Luis Reservoir Highlights Broken Water System: Tim Quinn writes, “If you need a sign that the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is broken, look no further than San Luis Reservoir. Despite near-average precipitation this year and healthy storage in other north state reservoirs, San Luis is so precipitously low that deliveries were nearly shutoff in early August.  Meanwhile Shasta […]

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Blog round-up: Delta Tunnels hearing: the view from the cheap seats; Saving the Delta smelt; What do Californians get in exchange for ‘feeding the world’?; and much more …

Two eages on the Trinity BLM

Delta Tunnels hearing: the view from the cheap seats: Alex Breitler writes, “Just for fun, here are a few random thoughts after the first three weeks of the water board’s twin tunnels hearing.  Disclaimer: I haven’t attended in person yet, and I’ve probably seen less than half of the hearing on webcast. Gotta have some time to actually report on […]

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