Blog round-up: Bloggers on the Delta tunnels, the Delta smelt plan, A Ninja strategy to fight drought, desalination economics, water accounting, and more …

Central Coast late afternoon BLM

Jason Peltier is still making sense on delta tunnel economics: Dr. Jeff Michael writes, “A look back 4 years shows the WaterFix is an even worse financial deal than the BDCP. Jason Peltier was quoted on tunnel economics in the Sunday Sacramento Bee, “How can we go to farmers and urban customers and say, ‘We’re going to pay our portion […]

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Blog round-up: MWD boss on being a ‘good neighbor’, Delta smelt, water management, SGMA, Prop 1, and more …

Lighthouse on an island Central Coast BLM photo

MWD boss on being a ‘good neighbor’:  Alex Breitler writes, “Now that the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California officially owns 20,000 acres of Delta farmland, a question asked of General Manager Jeff Kightlinger at a public forum last week becomes even more relevant.  The question: As an absentee landowner in the Delta, what does it mean to Metropolitan to be […]

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Blog round-up: Tree mortality, instream flows, latest Delta lawsuit, tunnel talk, groundwater, water storage, and more …

DCA Old Entrance

Trees are dying in California, increasing the risk of fire.  What can we do about it?  “Scientists from the U.S. Forest Service estimate that as many as 26 million trees have died in the Sierra Nevada over the last eight months, creating a landscape at risk for massive wildfires.  Sierra Nevada forests require fire to maintain ecological integrity and periodic […]

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Blog round-up: Holding out for a hero, Is there a plan B to the tunnels?, How much water does nature need?, Targeting public funds for habitat restoration, and more …

Fort Ord by BLM

Holding out for a hero: Faith Kearns writes, “So often in life, we want to be saved. We want miracles. We want to be rescued by a parent, by a prince, by a god, by technology, by science — by a hero. And, who can blame us? It’s the stuff of myth and legend and the stories we were all […]

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Blog round-up: How bad is water management in CA?, Lessons on sustaining the environment during a drought; CA’s water sector is at a crossroads as drought drags on; and more …

'Lake in the Clouds' by Elizabeth Haslam

How bad is water management in California?  Jay Lund writes, “California’s combination of climate, native ecosystems, and human uses makes water management inherently hard, unsatisfactory, and evolving.  California is doomed to have difficult and controversial water problems. No matter how successful we are.  California is one of the few parts of the world with a Mediterranean climate (Figure 1).  These […]

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Blog round-up: The water bond, groundwater recharge, Delta tunnels, individual wells and attitudes, water affordability, and more …

Coit Tower with Full Moon by Jay Huang

How is California spending the water bond?  Jelena Jezdimirovic and Ellen Hanak write, “Almost two years ago, California voters passed Proposition 1—a $7.5 billion water bond intended to provide significant investments in the state’s drought-challenged water systems. Today, Californians concerned about the prospects of worsening drought may wonder how the state is spending these funds, and whether they are moving […]

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Blog round-up: Salmon predation, posh houses, California’s volatile climate, San Joaquin Valley water, and more, plus your guide to Trump, Clinton, and the environment

Swimming hole by Samantha

Time to start protecting salmon from predators:  The Northern California Water Association writes, “With California commemorating “Invasive Species Action Week”, now is a good time to think about actions that we can all take to help save and recover salmon in California. Although there are many factors that affect salmon survival, biologists seem to agree that a large and increasing […]

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Blog round-up: Bloggers on Trump’s comments, federal legislation, water conservation, and more …

King Range NCA by BLM

On the Public Record opines on Donald Trumps’ comments:  “Perhaps you have heard that Mr. Trump discussed our water issues at a rally in Fresno.  His policy statements change by the moment, but I do like them as his barometer for what the crowd wants to hear.  He has a genius for reducing any issue down to the purest synthesis of what his […]

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Blog round-up: Trump, San Luis Settlement Agreement, water markets, big ticket water challenges, and more …

Golden Gate Bridge by Thomas Hawk

Trump is the only hope:  Families Protecting the Valley writes, “The Fresno Bee Editorial Board listened to Donald Trump’s speech at Selland Arena and decided he’s unfit to be President.  “It’s difficult to imagine a presidential nominee giving a more rambling, disjointed, egocentric, fact-free speech than likely Republican standard-bearer Donald Trump served up Friday morning at his rally in Fresno.”  […]

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Blog round-up: Federal drought legislation, predation on native species, drought’s hidden costs for agriculture, IBM Watson helping out in drought, and more …

Blue Heart by Thomas Hawk

Eight reasons why Restore the Delta doesn’t support the Garamendi-Feinstein bills: “As our readers are well aware Senator Dianne Feinstein’s drought bill (SB 2533) now has a companion bill in the House of Representatives. Congressman John Garamendi introduced HR 5247 this week which completely mirrors Senator Feinstein’s legislation. What our readers do not know is that Congressman Garamendi has attempted […]

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