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Environmental Program Manager I (Supervisory) – CA Department of Water Resources 

Division of Integrated Science and Engineering, Ecosystem Monitoring, Research & Reporting Office
Quality Management Section (West Sacramento)

posted 1/21/2022

The Incumbent will be responsible for implementing and administering the Department of Water Resources (DWR) Quality Assurance (QA) Program, which is mandated by Water Resources Engineering Memorandum No. 60 (WREM 60). The position will support activities critical to the State’s water supply operation and planning by ensuring that water quality and biological data collected by the Department is of known and documented quality. The incumbent will work with internal and external stakeholders to meet DWR’s Assembly Bill 1755 obligations and will be responsible for establishing a Department-wide data auditing and management program. The incumbent will also provide advice and assistance to upper management, Division/Office Chiefs, and other Department entities on quality assurance concerns and issues facing DWR.

CalCareers Job Announcement

Job Control # and Title: JC-285062 Environmental Program Manager I
Position #: 840-340-0756-59x
SAP Position #: 50001841
Work Location: Yolo County (West Sacramento Office)
Final Filing Date: 2/11/2022

Contact the Hiring Unit Contact, Meagan Transue, for questions regarding the position or application process. Call (916) 885-8553 or email

Project Manager, Water Team – Local Government Commission

Posted 1/15/2022

The Local Government Commission is looking for an experienced and dynamic individual to join the Water Team to lead the
management and execution of complex projects. They are seeking a motivated and committed individual with experience working in California’s groundwater context, strong communications, stakeholder engagement, and strategic planning skills, with the ability to work both collaboratively and independently. This position is located in Sacramento, CA.

Local Government Commission (LGC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization fostering innovation in environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and social equity. We work to build livable communities by fostering local leadership and regional collaboration, advancing policies at local and state levels, and implementing solutions as a technical assistance provider and advisor to local jurisdictions. We believe that change is best advanced at the local level and we support those who are dedicated to improving their communities.

Our current program areas include Water, Climate Change & Energy, Community Design, and National Service. The Water Team includes a broad portfolio of coalitions, projects, and programs focused on the intersection of water management and land-use planning – from stormwater to groundwater and everything in between. We work to advance the field at large while engaging in place-based initiatives throughout the state of California. In our mission to build livable communities and local leadership, we
strive to address social inequities throughout our work and partner with community-based organizations, and conduct community engagement activities in an authentic manner.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

This position will remain open until filled and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. The first priority deadline is January 24th, and the second priority deadline is February 7th.

Learn more about this position by clicking here.

Water Resource Control Engineer – State Water Resources Control Board, Office of the Delta Watermaster

Posted 1/15/2022

The Office of the Delta Watermaster (ODWM), in collaboration with the Division of Water Rights (Division), is responsible for administering water rights whose points of diversion (PODs) are located within the Legal Delta. Included within this overall responsibility is the governance, quality assessment, and planning processes required to effectively manage and analyze data related to such water rights. Recently, the LA Times published an article specifically pertaining to the initiatives this position is involved with and it serves as a testament to the visibility, importance, and uniqueness of our vacant position.

The State Water Resources Control Board’s has an opening for a Water Resource Control Engineer in the Office of the Delta Watermaster. The position is located at 1001 I Street, 25th Floor, Sacramento, right in the heart of downtown next to light rail stations and other public transportation.


The Office of the Delta Watermaster (ODWM), in collaboration with the Division of Water Rights (Division), is responsible for administering water rights whose points of diversion (PODs) are located within the Legal Delta. Included within this overall responsibility is the governance, quality assessment, and planning processes required to effectively manage and analyze data related to such water rights. To fulfill this data management responsibility, the ODWM collaborates with the Division to modernize data collection, management, and analysis processes. Each member of the ODWM will contribute to the master data management plan to ensure that water rights data are useful, accessible, and collected in a way that ensures the highest data quality and least collection burden possible, recognizing tradeoffs between those two objectives.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” The Office of the Delta Watermaster is charged with administration of the complex water rights system within the Legal Delta, the hub of California’s water distribution system as well as an environmentally stressed estuary. Yet, the State Water Board’s system for managing data about water—the State’s most precious resource—is outdated and inadequate to support water rights administration. As climate change adds to the challenge of efficiently administering water rights, as the Delta watershed faces recurring drought/flood challenges, and as demands for water throughout the watershed outstrip this physically limited resource, updating our water rights data management system is a critical imperative. Recognizing this need, the State has authorized and funded an ambitious multi-year project to replace the aged electronic Water Rights Information Management System (eWRIMS).

This WRCE position will bear primary responsibility for representing and guiding our Office to assure that the replacement data management system, currently initiating its design phase, recognizes and meets our evolving water rights data management needs.

In carrying out these responsibilities, our water data maven will collaborate within a hand-picked, multi-discipline team of water and data managers leading the development of the eWRIMS replacement. Representing the unique use cases within the Delta will require our maven to master the law, policy, regulations, and context of the California water rights system as well as to apply water rights principles in the complex tidal estuary with dynamic riverine influences. Therefore, this position will be fully integrated with the routine functions and strategic initiatives of our Office as well as with the data management projects within the Division of Water Rights, the Office of Information Management and Analysis, and the Division of Information Technology.

Additional information:

Candidates must possess essential personal qualifications including integrity, initiative, dependability, good judgment, the ability to work cooperatively with others, and the ability to perform the assigned duties of the class.

If the position requires driving, you must possess a current and valid driver’s license. Please Do Not include full Social Security Number, method of eligibility, and LEAP information in your application package.

You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.

Read the full job posting here.

Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory) – CDFW North Central Region, Anadromous Fisheries Supervisor Fisheries Program

Posted 12/24/2021

The incumbent oversees a diverse team engaged in all aspects of fisheries management. The incumbent is responsible for:

  • Directing program activities that involve a broad range of scientific and management activities relating to water project operations, resource assessment, conservation, and restoration specific to fishes, aquatic reptiles, amphibians, and the habitats on which they depend.
  • Direct supervision of Environmental Scientists, Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist), technicians, and of a varying number of Scientific Aides.
  • Developing partnerships with local governments, other state and federal agencies, and non-government organizations
  • Coordinating fisheries program elements within and between regions and divisions.
  • Closely monitoring and managing politically sensitive elements of the program and keep the Environmental Program Manager apprised of any developing significant issues.
  • Both highly independent and team actions, both of which involve highly sensitive public contacts.

To be eligible for this position, you must be transfer eligible or take and pass the Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory) exam.

More information on job duties and application requirements can be found in the job announcement.

CalCareer Announcement: JC-284059 Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory)
Position #: 565-241-0764-007
Work Location: Sacramento County (Rancho Cordova office)
Job Type: Permanent, Full Time
Final Filing Date: 1/6/2022

Contact the Hiring Unit Contact for questions regarding the position or application process:
Colin Purdy
(916) 358-2943

Five senior Fish Biologist Positions U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Sacramento, CA)
Final Filing Date: January 7, 2022

Posted 12/24/2021

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamations has five (5) open vacancies for GS 11-12 senior Fish Biologist positions available in Sacramento, CA.


Incumbent serves as a senior Fish Biologist for real-time and on-going water operation issues and performs the following:

  • Furnishes authoritative technical advice in the identification and evaluation of scientific resources problems related to water quality, fisheries, and other aquatic organisms.
  • Maintains state-of-the-art knowledge of technical aspects of fishery science, water operational issues, and environmental statues that affect fishery/operational interactions in the Bay Delta.
  • Represents the office in highly complex and controversial issues related to water operations and fishery interactions.
  • Oversees highly complex data gathering and interagency efforts in the areas of water quality and biological resources assessment.
  • Conducts scientific research and statistical analyses pertaining to the ecology, natural history, and population dynamics of fishes that reside in or migrate through the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Bay-Delta). Conducts continuing liaison with other offices; organizations; and Federal and State agencies.
  • Prepares and/or oversees the preparation of highly technical and/or programmatic input into complex environmental evaluations, including environmental compliance documents and policy-related comments on water quality, fisheries, and other aquatic biological aspects.
  • Prepares budget projections and tracks expenditures. Monitors budget, status and progress of fund expenditures. Participates in the formulation of policies, programs, standards, and procedures concerning fish related environmental compliance requirements.

USAJOBS Announcement: senior Fish Biologist (open to public)
Announcement #: BOR-22-DE-212698498-FR (open to public)
Control Number: 628374500

USAJOBS Announcement: senior Fish Biologist (merit promotion)
Announcement #: BOR-22-MP-212698498-FR (merit promotion)
Control Number: 628355100

These positions are open to the public and also available for merit promotion. Click on the appropriate job announcement link.
More information on the job duties and how to apply can be found in the job announcement links.

Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) – CA Department of Water Resources, Fish Restoration Program

Posted 12/20/2021

Under the direction of the State Water Project Mitigation and Restoration Branch Manager, the incumbent is responsible for managing restoration and mitigation projects within the Fish Restoration Program (FRP) for several fish species protected under the Federal and California Endangered Species Acts. This includes planning, directing, and coordinating environmental analyses and studies for preparation of environmental documents, permits, and restoration plans. It also includes managing implementation of restoration plans and coordinating reporting and land management pre- and post-restoration implementation. This position supports mitigation and restoration activities that are critical to the State’s future water supply operation.

The incumbent will plan, develop, an manage habitat restoration and mitigation projects, oversee and track progress of restoration projects toward regulatory targets; develop and implement land and invasive species management plans; lead the development of Conservation Easements and supporting Real Estate documents to obtain credit for restoration projects; and prepare and manage contracts and agreements with consultants and local, State, and Federal agencies, as needed, to implement projects and mitigation actions.

More information on the job description and duties can be found in the job announcement (JC-282597).

CalCareer Job Announcement: JC-282597 Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Position #: 840-350-0765-004
SAP Position #: 50000430
Work Location: Yolo County (West Sacramento office)
Job Type: Permanent, Full Time

Contact the Hiring Unit Contact for more information regarding the position or application process:
Meagan Transue
(916) 885-8553

Environmental Scientist – CA Department of Fish and Wildlife Fish Restoration Program
Posted 12/20/2021
Large-scale tidal wetland restoration undertaken by the Fish Restoration Program (FRP) in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Suisun Marsh is meant to provide food resources and habitat for endangered and threatened fishes, but will it?
Join the team conducting the effectiveness monitoring to answer that question! The FRP Monitoring Team is seeking a highly motivated scientist to lead the charge in assessing how macroinvertebrate and zooplankton communities and abundance change due to restoration. The position involves leading periodically intense bouts of boat-based field work, wrangling and analysis of large datasets, writing for multiple audiences, and collaborating with scientists from a variety of disciplines and organizations. Your teammates would include a close-knit small team of Environmental Scientists leading similar program components focused on fish communities, invertebrate taxonomy, and water quality and primary productivity.
Apply by the final filing date January 14, 2022 for the opportunity to make a difference in the understanding and management of one of California’s most dynamic and impacted ecosystems.Candidates must obtain list eligibility by passing the state Environmental Scientist exam (PDF). A Supplemental Questionnaire is also required as part of the application package.More information on the job description, duties, and application package can be found in the job announcement.CalCareer Job Announcement: JC-283281 Environmental Scientist
Position #: 565-331-0762-039
RPA#: E-R3 ES 21-018
Work Location: San Joaquin County (Stockton office)
Job Type: Permanent, Full Time
Final Filing Date: January 14, 2022More information regarding the position or application process can be directed to the Hiring Unit Contact:
Stacy Sherman
(209) 470-2906

Research Scientist I – CA Department Fish & Wildlife Native Fishes Program & Genetics Research Laboratory

Posted 12/8/2021

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fisheries Branch is seeking a motivated individual to work as a 3/4 time Research Scientist I at its new Genetics Laboratory located in Sacramento. This position requires outstanding initiative, a firm background in genetics, and an ability to work as part of a team in a laboratory setting for extended periods of time.

The successful candidate will:

  • Conduct a gap analysis for all 98 California fishes listed as Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) to produce a database of available genetic information and tissue samples to prioritize research related to critical knowledge gaps;
  • Develop species-specific genetic tools for population monitoring and rapid responses to translocations and rescues;
  • Research long-term storage capacity and techniques for existing and future genetic material;
  • Develop concepts for new priority projects with regional and branch staff to expedite obtaining new genetics information.

This is a 3/4-time, grant funded position with a duration of 12 months with the possibility of an additional 12 month extension from the successful candidate’s official start date.

CalCareer Job Announcement: JC-281468 Research Scientist I
Position#: 565-033-5578-905
RPA#: E-FB 21-026
Location: Sacramento County
Job Type: 12 Month Limited Term, Part Time 3/4 Time

To be eligible for this position, you must either be transfer eligible or take and pass the Research Scientist I exam. More information on the  job duties, requirements, and required application package documents can be found within the job announcement.

For questions regarding the position or application process, contact the Hiring Unit Contact:
Dr. Jeff Rodzen
(916) 616-3970

Environmental Scientist in CA Department of Water Resources Fish Restoration Program Restoration Implementation and Management Unit

Posted 12/8/2021

The California Department of Water Resources Fish Restoration Program is hiring to fill a vacancy in their Restoration Implementation and Management Unit to assist with planning, permitting, implementation, and long-term operation and maintenance of tidal wetland restoration projects for Biological Opinion compliance pursuant to the Fish Restoration Program Agreement (FRPA). This includes multi-agency collaboration, knowledge of regional species of concern, and keeping up-to-date with regional science as it applies to tidal wetland restoration.

CalCareer Job Announcement: JC-279901 Environmental Scientist
Position #: 840-350-0762-017
Location: Yolo County, West Sacramento
Job Type: Permanent, Full Time
Final Filing Date: December 22, 2021

More information on the job requirements, duties, and the required application package documents can be found within the job announcement.

Questions regarding the position or application process can be directed to the Hiring Unit Contact:
Gareth Johnson
(916) 376-9698

Environmental Program Manager I (Supervisory) – Delta Stewardship Council Regulatory Review Unit within the Planning and Performance Division

Posted 12/8/2021

The Delta Stewardship Council (Council) is seeking a dynamic, experienced, and highly effective individual for an exciting opportunity to serve as an Environmental Program Manager I managing the Regulatory Review Unit within the Planning and Performance Division. This position provides an opportunity to lead an innovative team that tracks and reviews environmental documentation for proposed projects in the Delta, coordinates consultations with state and local public agencies proposing projects in the Delta, administers the Council’s regulatory certification of consistency and appeals processes, and maintains and implements the Council’s appeals procedures. This position requires the incumbent to work productively in a demanding environment and meet short processing timelines when necessary.

Under the general direction of the Deputy Executive Officer (DEO) for Planning (CEA), the Environmental Program Manager I (EPM I) provides management, leadership, and expertise to achieve implementation of the Delta Plan through the Delta Stewardship Council’s statutorily-mandated covered actions and appeals processes for significant projects that impact the Delta and the state’s coequal goals. As a first-line manager, the EPM I supervises the work of the staff in the Regulatory Review Unit of the Planning and Performance Division.

Department Information

The Delta Reform Act of 2009 created the Delta Stewardship Council (Council). The mission of the Council is to achieve the coequal goals of “…providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting restoring and enhancing the Delta ecosystem… in a manner that protects and enhances the unique cultural, recreational, natural resource, and agricultural values of the Delta as an evolving place” (CA Water Code SS 85054). To do this, the Council developed the Delta Plan, which is an enforceable long-term sustainable management plan for the Delta to ensure coordinated action at the federal, state, and local levels.

The Council is devoted to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout all levels within our organization. The long-term success of the Council depends on our ability to promote a culture of creativity as we work toward our mandate comprised of co-equal goals. We hope to attract and retain employees by valuing and respecting their unique knowledge, life experiences, and backgrounds. The Council believes that our differences are what make us stronger as a team, and we encourage a culture that celebrates the unique attributes of all.

CalCareer Job Announcement: JC-280527 Environmental Program Manager I (Supervisory)(opens in new tab)
Position #: 530-001-0756-005
RPA#: DSC 22-104

More information on required application package documents and job duties can be found in the Job Announcement.

This position will be reporting to Jeff Henderson within the Planning and Performance Division.
For questions regarding the position or application process, contact the Human Resources Office at (916) 445-5511 or

Floodplain Lab Technician with CalTrout

posted 12/6/2021

Final Filing Date: Open Until Filled
Time Commitment: Full Time
Compensation: $15-$20/hr (depending on experience)

Job Description:
CalTrout is seeking primarily a lab technician to work full time starting ASAP. The lab work consists of Zooplankton identification and water sample post-processing for nutrient contents and chlorophyll-a. Lab work will be conducted at UC Davis, the CalTrout office in Woodland, or at an at-home work station. Zooplankton identification will require long hours analyzing samples using a dissecting microscope. There may be occasional opportunities to work as part of our field crew in the Sacramento Valley and Suisun Marsh depending on the time of year. The field work will consist primarily of working as part of a crew conducting weekly monitoring of wetland habitats for water quality, nutrient chemistry, and zooplankton production. Habitats include flooded rice farms, flood bypasses, rivers, and managed wetlands throughout the Sacramento Valley in Yolo, Colusa, Sutter, and Solano Counties.

Required Qualifications:

  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Accurate data collection.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Ability to work long days.
  • Microscope experience.
  • Tolerance for tedious lab work.
  • Ability to use dichotomous key.
  • Follow specific laboratory protocols.
  • Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Laboratory experience.
  • Aquatic invertebrate identification experience.
  • Water sample processing experience.
  • Field sampling for water quality and/or nutrient chemistry.
  • Field sampling for aquatic invertebrates and/or zooplankton.
  • Knowledge and interest in floodplain/wetland ecology.

Project Summary:
This is a fish-centric conservation project focusing on floodplain/river reconnection to benefit rearing juvenile salmonids in the Sacramento Valley. However, it is an interdisciplinary project involving farmers, hunters, birders, sport fishers, and conservationists. The ideal candidate must perform well in wetland habitats and will focus on fisheries-specific protocols, however a background in fish is not necessary. All wetland experience is potentially relevant and desirable. For media describing this project see:

How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter, resume, and two references (at least one professional) via email to Cliff Feldheim  AND Jennifer Kronk

Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist: Water justice policy and planning with UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Posted 12/6/2021

Position Description:

As a part of the Rausser College of Natural Resources, The Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM) at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), in partnership with UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR), seeks an Assistant Cooperative Extension (CE) Specialist in Water Justice Planning and Policy. This position will provide statewide leadership in water justice policy and planning, with a focus on water quality, quantity, and access for disadvantaged communities. This position is a full-time career-track research and outreach position.

Ensuring that water allocation and management are guided by principles of social and environmental justice is a necessary but challenging goal, especially during times of water scarcity. In California, drought, degraded infrastructure and a dearth of technical and economic resources have stressed both water supply and drinking water quality in many communities. Contaminated ground and surface water sources from agricultural and industrial activities have contributed to often bleak health, social and economic outcomes in affected communities. Low-income communities and communities of color disproportionately bear the negative water-related environmental impacts, which are intensified by climate change.

This position will augment UC ANR’s longstanding capacity in the technical aspects of water management by increasing research-based policy and planning capacity to address the water-related needs and challenges of vulnerable communities, thus advancing water justice in urban and rural California regions, in partnership with public agencies, community-based organizations and water justice coalitions.

Examples of high-priority issues for this position include:

  • Understanding inequities in water access, water quality and water sovereignty in California communities
  • Fostering community-based resilience to the water-related impacts of climate change
  • Understanding environmental and human health effects of emerging contaminants from point and diffuse pollution in the aquatic environment
  • Identifying wastewater challenges and solutions
  • Identifying competing agricultural, environmental, and community demands for water supply and water quality
  • Analyzing water governance across multiple scales
  • Informing state-level water-related policy implementation

The Water Justice Policy and Planning CE Specialist will provide statewide leadership on water justice research, policy and planning, with the primary components of the position involving:
• Extension
• Research
• Network External to UCANR
• Outreach

Deadline to apply is December 15th.  The full job ad is here.

Apply link:

Help contact:

DEPARTMENT OF FISH & WILDLIFE: Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) in the Water Operations and Resource Management Unit within the CDFW Water Branch: Data Analysis and Synthesis Specialist Position

Are you interested in working at the intersection between quantitative ecology and endangered species conservation? Would you like to have a job that encourages scientific inquiry and has direct ties to management and conservation of imperiled species?

Smelt and salmon species listed under the state and federal endangered species acts are at all time low abundances. The current drought emergency is exacerbating existing stressors. It is a time for innovative, new ideas to conserve and protect these species. This position offers a unique opportunity for someone with strong quantitative skills and a background in biology to participate directly in data analysis, synthesis, and scientific writing that will lead to applied fisheries science and management to benefit threatened and endangered fish species in the Central Valley of California during the current drought and future droughts to come.

This position will work independently and within a team of quantitative ecologists, fisheries biologists, and conservation engineers dedicated to drought response and endangered species protection within the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. This position will also collaborate with State and federal partners in the Department of Water Resources, National Marine Fisheries Service, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, and a wide array of stakeholders. This position will be encouraged to publish their work in peer-reviewed journals.

This position is advertised as a Limited Term for 12 months and can be extended to 24 months. This position may become permanent.

CalCareer Job Announcement: Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) JC-266556
Position#: 565-038-0765-905
Work Location: Yolo County (West Sacramento)
Closing Date: November 25, 2021
Review the duty statement within the job announcement for more specific details

If you think you might be interested in pursuing a career with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife don’t hesitate to reach out to the hiring manager, Kenneth Kundargi, to ask questions about this position. Contact information: or (916) 508-7788.

UC BERKELEY: CE Specialist Position in Water Justice Policy and Planning

UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM) is recruiting for an Assistant Cooperative Extension (CE) Specialist position in Water Justice Policy and Planning. Our recruitment advertisement has full details.

In brief, we are looking for someone with a background in community development, public health, law, sociology, political science, environmental science, geography or other related field. Potential candidates should be committed to conducting research and outreach focused on water quality, quantity, and/or access for disadvantaged communities in California. We seek outstanding candidates whose research, teaching, outreach or service has prepared them to contribute to our university goals of diversity and inclusion in higher education.

Please contact me with any questions.

Christy Getz
Search Committee Chair
Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management

AG INNOVATIONS: Project Manager

Ag Innovations is growing and looking for a Project Manager to join our talented team.

Our new Project Manager will act as the project manager on assigned projects, working with groups and the public, to support meeting and event management, facilitation, writing, research and reporting, in order to meet project outcomes. Extra skills such as outreach, data analysis, GIS, or fluent language is also welcome. This is an opportunity for an organized person with strong listening skills who is keenly interested in supporting collaboration, public outreach, and community engagement.This position will need to be in the Sacramento/Delta region 1-3 times/week for outreach and work with team and partners.

Learn more by clicking here.

STATE WATER BOARD: Engagement Coordinator Position (AGPA)

The State Water Resource Control Board’s Office of Public Participation (OPP) is hiring an Engagement Coordinator (AGPA). The position will focus on tribal engagement, outreach and project management and will play an integral role advancing OPP’s Tribal Affairs Program statewide.

  • Application details and duty statement can be found here.
  • Applications are due by Nov 18.
  • For questions or further details, contact Amanda Ford:


The Nature Conservancy is searching for a Project Manager to join our Water Program. A primary focus of this position is to advance our Strategic Restoration strategy, which aims to restore and protect arid habitat for rare and endangered species in the San Joaquin Valley, particularly on lands that are transitioning out of agriculture as part of regional efforts to reduce groundwater overdraft.

The view the full job description and apply, please click here. If you have questions, please direct them to Talent Acquisition Lead Amber Mello at

Applications are due by Monday, November 8th.



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