ANNOUNCEMENT: New Fixing the World Restoration Speaker Series to Focus on Tribally Led Restoration

From Save Our Salmon:

Eureka, California- Today, the Fixing the World Restoration Series will became available to educators and others with its inaugural episode “Environmental & Social Impacts of the California Gold Rush.” The series is part of a new education initiative that aims to teach students and policymakers about Tribally led large-scale restoration projects, long-lasting environmental damage, and ecosystem functions throughout Northern California. The series was created through a collaboration between Save California Salmon, Cal Poly Humboldt’s Indian Natural Resources, Science and Engineering and Diversity in STEM Program (INRSEP+), Cal Poly Humboldt’s Native American Studies Department (NAS), and the Yurok Tribe.

While the series was created for educators, students and policy makers, the general public is encouraged to participate. Speakers will focus on issues such as mining impacts and restoration, Klamath dam removal, floodplain restoration, Central Valley fish passage, and climate change, with an emphasis on science and what restoration means to Native People.

“Educational opportunities like this restoration series are a key component in a well-rounded education,” explained Save California Salmon’s Youth Coordinator Danielle Frank. “Resources on fixing our watersheds are vital, yet they are often left out of the education curricula. By collaborating with Tribal leaders, nonprofits, and schools, we can ensure students are receiving an education that is relevant to the work they want to do after graduation. Students and others can see what is possible and be inspired to be a part of this work in the future.”

The first episode, “Environmental & Social Impacts of the California Gold Rush,” will be today Wednesday, March 8th at 1 pm. Episode 2, “Undamming the Klamath,” will occur on March 15th at 1 pm. Other lessons will occur every Wednesday in March and April. Classrooms are encouraged to join the webinars and ask questions. Educators can also contact Save California Salmon regarding upcoming restoration and TEK related field trips and events.

To participate, you can register for the webinars here:

If you miss a webinar, lessons will be added to Save California Salmon’s Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Science & Management, and Advocacy & Water Protection in Native California curricula, which can be found at and Save California Salmon’s YouTube page

Fixing the World Restoration Series Schedule:

  • Episode 1: March 8th at 1 pm:  Environmental & Social Impacts of the California Gold Rush: Intro to Restoration Series with Cal-Poly Humboldt NAS Department, Save California Salmon, and the Yurok Tribe
  • Episode 2: March 15th at 1 pm: Undamming the Klamath: with the Klamath River Renewal Corporation, Barry McCovey, Yurok Tribe, and NAS
  • Episode 3: March 22nd at 12 pm:  Restoration After Large Scale Dam Removal: with the Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC (RES) and INRSEP+
  • Episode 4: March 29 at 12 pm: Coastal Redwood Watershed Scale Restoration: with Prairie Creek Felicity Cross, Yurok Tribe, and INRSEP+
  • Episode 5: April 5th at 12 pm: Restoring Central Valley Watersheds: with He-Lo Ramirez, Mechoopda Tribe and California Trout

More episodes to be announced.

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