Moving Water, Protecting Fish

From the Bureau of Reclamation:

Every two hours, a large, funnel-shaped container at the Tracy Fish Collecting Facility releases a torrent of water to reveal the latest batch of fish to enter the large holding area. Water cascades down on a table as personnel sort wriggling fish from clumps of aquatic weeds.

The small, nondescript batch of buildings are situated about 7 miles northwest of where the bustling Interstate 205 connects the San Joaquin Valley to the Bay Area. Their modest appearance belies the important role of ensuring water is available to the C.W. Bill Jones Pumping Plant  2 miles downstream and fish loss caused by Jones’ export pumping is mitigated. Export pumping at the Jones Pumping Plant relies on the ability of the Tracy Fish Collecting Facility to salvage pump-entrained Delta fish.

“Jones Pumping Plant export pumping ceases if the Tracy Fish Collecting Facility is unable to salvage fish, which affects the Central Valley Project’s mission of water conveyance,” said René Reyes, supervisory fish biologist at Tracy.

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