TRAINING: Interagency Ecological Program Fall 2022 In-Person Training Opportunities

Registration is now open for four free IEP training opportunities to be held inperson at Lake Natoma Inn in Folsom CA. Space is limited and social distancing will be practiced along with masking guidelines at the time of the event. Registrants will be notified of their acceptance at least twoweeks prior to the date of the training opportunity. Please contact instructors with questions via email addresses included below.

September 20, 2022

Macrophyte Identification Training Identifying characteristics with actual specimen

  • When: 8:00AM 12:00PM
  • Instructors: Daniel Ellis (contact, Shruti Khanna, Nick Rassmussen, Ajay Jones
  • Course Description: This training will begin with a presentation of common macrophytes in the SFE along with identifiable characteristics for field biologists. The session will cover native and nonnative submersed, emergent, and floating varieties known to inhabit the SFE. Following the presentation, participants and instructors will move outside where specimens will be available for identification practice. Participants will be provided an opportunity to test their identification skills.
  • Registration Link

Intermediate R Training Basic statistics, choosing the right statistic, and coding foundations

  • When: 1:00PM 5:00PM
  • Instructors: Jereme Gaeta, IEP & CDFW ( and Rosie Hartman, DWR
  • Course Description: The first part of the training will introduce students to performing a suite of common statistical analyses in R, such as ttest, simple linear regression, ANOVA, and logistic regression, and provide students with a basic framework to determine how to choose the right analysis for your data and your question. The second part of the training will introduce students to invaluable coding skills, such as for loops, data manipulation, apply functions, and creating custom functions.
  • Registration Link

October 28, 2022

Advanced R Training Analyzing time series data

  • When: 8:00AM 12:00PM
  • Instructors: Jereme Gaeta, IEP & CDFW (
  • Course Description: The training will cover various aspects of time series analysis including handling dates in R, an introduction to the concept of autocorrelation and basic autocorrelation assessment, accounting for autocorrelation via first differences, deconstructing time series (i.e., seasonality versus trend), and time series regression with autoregressive moving average (if time allows).
  • Registration Link

Science Communication Training

  • When: 1:00PM 5:00PM
  • Instructors: Jereme Gaeta, IEP & CDFW ( and TBD
  • Course Description: Students will be introduced to a science communication technique known as “message boxing” in which students will learn to branch out from our traditional linear scientific communication approach of introduction, methods, results, and discussion and will be exposed to a more natural nonlinear conversational communication style.
  • Registration link
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