OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT: Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program Groundwater Protection Targets

From the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board:

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board is inviting the public and other stakeholders to submit written comments on proposed Groundwater Protection Targets for designated High Vulnerability Townships within the Central Valley Region.

Development of a Groundwater Protection Formula and associated Groundwater Protection Values and Targets is required under several Waste Discharge Requirement General Orders for growers within the Central Valley Region that are members of a Third-Party Group.

The Groundwater Protection Formula and associated Values were conditionally approved by the Executive Officer on 19 January 2021 and 27 October 2021, respectively. The Groundwater Protection Targets are the final step in the development of appropriate nitrogen loading rates necessary to achieve compliance with receiving water limitations within High Vulnerability Areas.

The report containing the proposed Groundwater Protection Targets may be accessed from the Waterboards’ FTP website with the following credentials:

Comments must be received by 5:00 pm on 12 September 2022 to be considered in the Executive Officer’s assessment of the report. Please submit written comments to Bryan Rock at bryan.rock@waterboards.ca.gov. Written comments may also be mailed to the Central Valley Water Board (Attn: Bryan Rock) at 1685 E. Street, Fresno CA 93706.

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