FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Delta Conservancy Announces Climate Resilience, Community Access, and Natural Resource Protection Funding

From the Delta Conservancy:

The Budget Act of 2021 provided the Delta Conservancy with a one-time general fund allocation of $5,250,000 for projects that support climate resilience, community access, and natural resource protection activities that benefit the Delta (collectively known as Climate, Access, and Resource (CAR) funding).

The Delta Conservancy has determined that proposals submitted through the Conservancy’s Proposition 1 (Cycle 5) or Proposition 68 Grants Programs may be supported through the CAR program if the project meets CAR requirements. To date, the Conservancy has awarded one project initially proposed for Proposition 68 funding and is considering two additional proposals submitted in the Proposition 68 and Proposition 1 Grant Programs (May 2022 Board Meeting- Community Enhancement Grant Program Update). The Conservancy will accept new CAR proposals while funding remains available and may consider projects proposed through Proposition 68 or Proposition 1, as appropriate.

Interested applicants should review the Delta Conservancy’s General Grant Guidelines and contact Conservancy staff at for more information. The application process includes submission of a concept proposal. Delta Conservancy staff will then review the concept proposal and if the project meets the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, may invite the applicant to submit a full proposal package.

Click here to view the Concept Proposal Template.

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