BULLETIN 74 UPDATE: California Well Standards: DWR Concludes TAC Focus Groups, Updates Project Timeline

DWR Concludes Technical Advisory Committee Focus Groups

 DWR thanks the members of the Bulletin 74 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for sharing their time and expertise towards the development of revised statewide Well Standards. The TAC, composed of 81 representatives from different sectors throughout the state, met with DWR in a series of meetings between March 2021 and February 2022, providing valuable input on developing updated minimum statewide Well Standards that are enforceable, protective, and based on the current state of knowledge and best practices. 

The TAC Member Roster and TAC Plenary Meeting Summaries have been posted here: https://water.ca.gov/well-standards.

Updated Project Timeline

DWR is currently incorporating feedback from the TAC into the draft standards and expects to release the Public Review Draft of the Updated Well Standards in Spring 2023 for public comment. DWR will invite verbal and written comments on the Public Review Draft during a 45-day public comment period. Final Standards are now expected to be published in Fall 2023.

The current Project Timeline is reflected on the project webpage and will be updated as needed:  https://water.ca.gov/well-standards

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