NOTICE: Draft Research proposals deadline for the Tracy Fish Facility Improvement Program FY23 projects

Carl Dealy of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation would like to remind IEP stakeholders of the May 6, 2022 deadline for Draft Research proposals for the Tracy Fish Facility Improvement Program (TFFIP) Fiscal Year 2023 Projects.

Proposals should be emailed to the TFFIP Editorial Team: and

Proposals should adhere to Tracy Series Volume 13 guidelines: Tracy Series Volume 13, Guidelines for Research and Authorship, Revised and Expanded (PDF)(opens in new tab)
Proposal template can be found at: Current Research Study Plans | TFFIP | California-Great Basin | Bureau of Reclamation(opens in new tab)

2022-23 (FY 2023 Projects) the program emphasis will be like the FY22 year’s:

  1. Predation evaluations / removal methods
  2. Maintenance / Replacement
  3. Brennan Is. fish release site Upgrade Prep Data
  4. Facility fish loss evaluations
  5. Fish count automation

Feel free to share this reminder with others.

Thank you,
Carl Dealy

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