UPCOMING OFFICE HOURS EVENTS: Proactive groundwater management strategies with Maurice Hall; Tribal engagement with Anecita Agustinez

Upcoming office hours address proactive groundwater management strategies, tribal engagement

Join Mavens Notebook, the Groundwater Exchange, CivicWell (formerly the Local Government Commission) for the third in a series of groundwater lunch time “office hours.” These reoccurring sessions offer an informal forum to ask experts about Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) implementation.

On April 11, we’ll be hosting Anecita Agustinez, DWR’s Tribal Policy Advisor

Anecita Agustinez has served as the tribal policy advisor for the Department of Water Resources since August 2013. Agustinez has over 30 years of advocacy experience on behalf of California’s Native American tribes. She provides policy support and recommendations regarding tribal issues to the director and chief deputy director and has been actively engaged with our projects and programs, assisting with tribal consultation and development of the DWR Tribal Consultation Policy.

We’ll be discussing how best to engage with tribes, including how to find tribes in your area, government-to-government relations, tribal consultations, and more. 

Submit your questions during the event or email them ahead of time to maven@mavensnotebook.com.

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Maven’s 15th Anniversary Online Celebration

Join Maven and fellow water news colleagues for a special office hours session celebrating Maven’s 15th year of publishing California water news websites.  This event is still in the initial planning stages, but one thing is for sure – it will be fun!

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