SAVE THE DATE: Delta Salinity Management Workshop April 26-27

From the Delta Science Program:

Ocean salt intrusion during drought is an increasingly serious problem for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, as droughts in California become more severe and prolonged. Salinity intrusion can degrade the quality of water for agricultural, municipal, and industrial use in the Delta and around the State. To advance conversations about management options to address these challenges, the Delta Science Program is convening a series of workshops focused on salinity management in the Delta.

This first workshop, to be held April 26-27, 2022, will focus on framing the challenge of future salinity management in the context of climate change, current laws and regulations, and the concerns of diverse communities. Through keynote and panel presentations and interactive breakout discussions, the workshop will contribute to a shared understanding of how Delta salinity management affects people, sectors, and ecological systems. This workshop will also begin identifying gaps in knowledge about the effects of salinity management that could be filled by future research and scenario-based modeling.

Attendance is free with registration, which will open soon.

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