OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT: Notice of Proposed Basin Plan Amendment on Climate Change and Aquatic Habitat Protection, Management, and Restoration

From the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board:

The San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) has filed and is circulating a draft substitute environmental document (SED) on a proposed update to the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Francisco Bay Basin (Basin Plan). The proposed Basin Plan amendment would include the following: (1) information on climate change and how it might affect the region’s waters; (2) efforts made to support the long-term resilience of aquatic habitats in the region; and (3) questions and information that may be relevant when the Water Board permits dredge or fill activities in or near the region’s shorelines, especially climate adaptation projects. 

The Basin Plan currently lacks any description of climate change and its relevance to the water board’s regulatory programs. The proposed Basin Plan amendment fulfills that gap. This public notice provides more information about the amendmentthe supporting staff reportand CEQA documentation. These documents are now available for public review and comment. 

At the April 13 Board meeting, the Water Board will receive oral public testimony on the proposed Basin Plan amendment and draft SED. At the June 9 Board meeting, the Water Board will consider adoption of the proposed Basin Plan amendment and draft SED, including any changes in response to the comments received. 

Please send all written comments to Christina Toms, Christina.Toms@waterboards.ca.govComments are due by 5 PM on April 22, 2022. 

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