BLOG ROUND-UP: Delta pumps throttled back; Delta flows: Same as it ever was; The quagmire of Clean Water Act jurisdiction

Delta Pumps Throttled Back – December 2021

Tom Cannon writes, “A January 1 article in the Bee noted federal and state Delta pumping plants were “throttled back” in late December to protect the nearly extinct Delta smelt and other fish.  Exports had reached 9000 cfs from December 17-19, 2021, and then cut to 2000 cfs on December 20, despite high Delta inflows from the Sacramento River (Figure 1).  With the Delta Cross Channel closed in December and the False River Barrier in place, exports were drawing from the interior Delta via the Old and Middle River channels (Figure 2).  Most of that water was replaced via Georgianna Slough from the Sacramento River (7000 cfs) and San Joaquin River (1000 cfs).  The overall pattern from December 19 is shown in the map below. … ”  Continue reading at the California Fisheries blog here: Delta Pumps Throttled Back – December 2021

Helping Salmon

Jennifer Harrison writes, “2021 was quite a year. Although not easy, the Sacramento Valley experienced successes and quiet victories. Saving salmon remains a top priority in our region, with multiple groups and organizations collaborating to protect the species. As the calendar closes, we reflect on what went right in our corner of California.  It was a hot and dry 2021, the third driest on record and the most parched since 1977. For fish, this is can be devastating, but state and federal agencies and biologists are seeing hopeful numbers when it comes to fish.  “The three major runs of salmon in the Sacramento Valley were solid this year,” explained Todd Manley, of Northern California Water Association. ... ”  Read more from the Sacramento Valley here: Helping Salmon

Delta Flows 1/7/22: Same as it Ever Was

As life turns back on after the holidays, Restore the Delta has been busy. Here is our report out from the State Water Resources Control Board workshop held Wednesday, January 5, on the “Temporary Urgency Change Petition for the Delta” that would keep allowing the state to continue to ignore Clean Water Act violations in the Delta due to lack of flows.  The Petition may be delayed beyond February by the Department of Water Resources because of additional recent rains. But it still could be put forth in February, March, or April etc. So you will find links at the bottom to our formal protest and comment letter to the State Water Resources Control Board regarding the TUCP. … ”  Read more from Restore the Delta here: Delta Flows 1/7/22: Same as it Ever Was

The Quagmire of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction

Dan Farber writes, “The Biden Administration announced on Monday that it would not meet a February target date to issue a revised definition of federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act. It still plans to issue a revised definition later in the year. That sounds like a very technical issue. But it actually determines the extent to which the federal government can prevent water pollution and protect wetlands across the nation. The Biden proposal basically calls for case-by-case decisions about federal jurisdiction. It’s also the latest chapter in one of the most snarled-up regulatory issue of our times. ... ”  Continue reading from the Legal Planet here: The Quagmire of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction

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