NOTICE: Public Comment Opens for GSP Alternative Periodic Evaluations

From the Department of Water Resources:

Alternative Periodic Evaluations that were submitted to the State in December 2021 are now online on the DWR SGMA Portal.

These Alternative Periodic Evaluations are open to public comment for 75 days until March 22, 2022. Below in the table are links to the submitted evaluations and the counties they cover.

Information about how to comment on an Alternative Periodic Evaluation can be found in a fact sheet in English and Spanish. Public comments are welcomed and encouraged. A SGMA Portal account is not necessary to submit comments.



Counties Covered

Santa Clara

Santa Clara

Llagas Area

Santa Clara

Livermore Valley

Alameda, Contra Costa

Pajaro Valley

Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito

Coastal Plain of Orange County

Orange, Riverside County, San Bernardino


Riverside, San Diego

Niles Cone


Mission Creek

Riverside, San Bernardino

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