NOTICE: San Joaquin River Restoration Program Resumes Restoration Flows

From the San Joaquin River Restoration Program:

This notice serves to inform the public that the Restoration Administrator for the San Joaquin River Restoration Program has scheduled the resumption of Restoration Flows on the San Joaquin River. Starting November 22, releases from Friant Dam will increase and gradually result in higher flows downstream of Gravelly Ford. Many sections of the San Joaquin River are currently dry and will become rewetted and flowing over the next few weeks to months.

After months of low flows due to drought, it may be tempting to underestimate the power of the river and the effects of cold water. The public is encouraged to monitor flow conditions if recreating on or near the San Joaquin River as releases from Friant Dam and storm runoff may raise river levels quickly. Please use caution.

Friant Dam releases of 230 to 300 cfs over the summer have maintained Chinook salmon habitat and spawning conditions in the section of river between Friant Dam and Highway 99. Fisheries scientists have so far found 32 redds (fish nests with eggs) below Friant Dam and juvenile salmon fry have just begun to emerge from those redds. 2021 marks the sixth consecutive year of successful salmon spawning below Friant Dam.

The Restoration Flow schedule has now been changed to the following:


Friant Dam Releases

Restoration Flows at Gravelly Ford

November 24 – November 28

230 – 330 cfs

100 cfs

November 29 – December 3

330 – 450 cfs

200 cfs

December 4 – December 8

430 – 470 cfs

300 cfs

December 9 – January 6

600 cfs

380 – 500 cfs

January 7 – January 12

500 cfs decreasing to 350 cfs

400 cfs decreasing to 200 cfs

January 13 – January 31

300 – 360 cfs

200 cfs

February 1 – February 13

310 – 370 cfs

210 cfs

February 14 – February 28

A series of pulses will be released from Friant Dam, with flows around 350 cfs and temporarily as high as 1800 cfs for short periods

190 – 600 cfs


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For additional information about the San Joaquin River Restoration Program, please visit or contact Josh Newcom, Public Affairs Specialist, at 916-978-5508 or

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