NOTICE: Forecasted Storms in Russian River Watershed and Potential Temporary Curtailment SuspensionsState Water Resources Control Board

From the State Water Board:

As we progress from fall to winter, many watersheds across California continue to experience historic dry conditions, with insufficient water available to meet demands. As of today (Monday, October 18th) conditions are inadequate to justify lifting curtailments on a long-term basis. However, current forecasts call for significant precipitation in the Russian River watershed over the next seven days. The Division of Water Rights continues to closely monitor hydrologic forecasts and real-time conditions, relying on data from the California-Nevada River Forecast Center , and are evaluating how this precipitation may affect current estimates of water availability and whether streamflow conditions warrant short-term, temporary lifting of curtailments.

The Board will update Russian River curtailments on its website and using its LYRIS email notification system. If specific water rights are authorized to divert under a temporary curtailment suspension, they will be identified online. Curtailed right holders in the Russian River Watershed should monitor the webpage linked below to see if they are authorized to divert under a temporary curtailment suspension for their right. Water right holders should continue monitoring the State Water Board’s email notices and website updates to stay informed of any temporary curtailment suspension for their right.

Dry soil conditions in the Russian River watershed may limit the immediate impact of early storms, but additional precipitation events are expected to result in more dynamic changes in streamflow. Water right holders are responsible for monitoring their curtailment status online at the webpage linked above. Notices that diversions are authorized will not be mailed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Russian River Drought Response Team at or (916) 341-5318.

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