VELES WEEKLY REPORT: NQH2O water price reversal appears intact below long term moving averages

The Veles Weekly Report provides timely analysis around the technical and hydrologic factors that are moving water prices, as well as a comprehensive look at the latest news in water markets.

  • NQH2O price down $0.97 or 0.11% to $871.96.
  • Short term futures volatility higher than index volatility as market seeks new price trend.
  • Satellite imagery showing retraction of Monsoonal effect plus potential build up of frontal activity from NW Pacific.
  • Models showing potential for more precipitation this oncoming winter than previous winter.
  • California water agencies resolve Colorado River water dispute.
  • Marin County competing with Saudi Prince for 3 desalination plants.
  • Water markets and water trading can help bring CA groundwater into balance.
  • Water transfers helped farmers survive this year, now all eyes on next year.
  • Antelope Valley studies water recharge project options.
  • Does Big Oil have the solution to the West’s water problem?
  • Farmers restore native grasslands as groundwater disappears.
  • Turkey’s Mumcular Dam recedes to worrying levels.
  • Climate change ETFs become controversial.
  • Fresh VC thinking needed for water.
Veles Weekly Report Sept 23rd F
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