YOUR INPUT NEEDED on funding for SGMA implementation

From the Department of Water Resources, Sustainable Groundwater Management Office:

The California State Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom have approved $60 million in local assistance funding for Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) implementation for this Fiscal Year 21/22. Another $300 million is currently being considered by the Legislature for a second FY 21/22 SGMA assistance appropriation. While this second appropriation is not guaranteed, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) is releasing a survey now, to solicit feedback on what you believe to be the greatest funding need for your respective groundwater basin(s). 

In order to receive a diverse perspective, DWR encourages survey responses from all interested parties within a basin. This information will help DWR develop Draft Guidelines (or revise current Guidelines) for the next rounds of the Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGM) Grant Program in an effective and timely manner. The Guidelines will be released for public comment following an accelerated schedule, so this survey will not be the only opportunity for input. 

Please fill out the DWR Survey for Basin Funding Needs to the best of your ability; the survey will close on Friday, August 13 by 5:00PM.

Email any questions you have about the contents of this survey to

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