ANNOUNCEMENT: Delta Conveyance Project Community Benefits Program Workshops: Follow-up Items and Next Steps

From the Department of Water Resources:

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) held three community workshops and one specifically for Tribal Members during April and May, 2021, to share information and gather public input related to the development of a Community Benefits Program for the proposed Delta Conveyance Project. Each workshop focused on a different topic area and was designed to solicit feedback from the local community in this initial stage of program development. The information gathered is being used to inform creation of a program framework for inclusion in the Draft Environmental Impact Report, planned for publication in mid-2022. 
As a follow-up from the workshops, DWR has published a summary and the video recording of each session, which can be accessed at the below links. Additional resources from each workshop, including the presentation and other supplemental materials, can be found here.

Workshop Follow-Up Items
Workshop 1 – Program Overview: April 14, 2021

Workshop 2 – Funding Ideas: May 6, 2021

Workshop 3 – Implementation Commitments and Public Participation Process: May 25, 2021

Next steps:

The development of this program is still in the early stages and while this recent round of information sharing and gathering marks an important first step, it is just the beginning. Next steps and the overall process are outlined in the following graphic. Central to ongoing program development will remain the need to work with the community to create a program that best suits its needs. As a reminder, the Community Benefits Program will only be implemented if the Delta Conveyance Project is approved and engaging in development of the Community Benefits Program does not signal support for the project. We anticipate reaching out again to the community later this summer and will provide updates, as available.

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