NOTICE: Contra Costa Water District Water Transfer to Del Puerto, Panoche, Santa Clara Valley and Westlands Water Districts

From the Bureau of Reclamation:

Reclamation proposes to approve the transfer of up to 11,000 acre-feet of Contra Costa Water District’s 2021 allocated CVP water to Del Puerto, Panoche, Valley Water, and Westlands Water Districts. Under the transfer, Contra Costa would not take delivery of the 11,000 acre-feet of its 2021 allocated CVP water previously scheduled for diversion from the Delta, rather, the CVP water would be diverted by Reclamation at Jones Pumping Plant for delivery to Del Puerto, Panoche, Valley Water and Westlands. In lieu of the transferred water, Contra Costa would use up to 11,000 acre-feet of its previously stored CVP water in Los Vaqueros Reservoir to meet in-district needs.

FONSI signed on June 29, 2021.  All documents available here.

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