IRRIGATED LANDS REGULATORY PROGRAM: Example Revisions Available: Preliminary DRAFT Resolution for Managed Wetlands in the ILRP

From the Central Valley Regional Water Board:

On 6 May 2021, an invitation was sent for comments on a Preliminary Draft Resolution for Managed Wetlands in the ILRP (attached). I am sending this follow-up email to clarify the proposed changes. Please find attached an example of revisions for the East San Joaquin WDRs Order. These revisions would remove Managed Wetlands from the ILRP and are proposed for all ILRP Orders. To quickly find the redline revisions, please open the bookmarks and select the bookmarks shown below each numbered document (i.e., 01, 02, 07 and 08). 

As a reminder, the deadline to submit comments is 5:00 pm on Monday June 7, 2021.

[spoiler title=”Click here for redline revisions.”] ESJ_Managed_Wetlands_Revisions_Redline
[/su_spoiler] [spoiler title=”Click here for the draft resolution.”] Draft_Resolution_MWetlands_050521


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