NOTICE: Participate in Administering O&M Funding to Eligible Drinking Water Systems

From the State Water Board:

The Division of Financial Assistance (DFA) is working on a new program to fund the operations and maintenance (O&M) costs of specific disadvantaged community (DAC) drinking water systems over three to five years. There is up to approximately $27.5 million in remaining Proposition 68 Groundwater funds that may be used for this purpose. For consistency with Proposition 68 requirements, the program will be focused on systems that are treating contaminated groundwater. 

Please note that specific water system eligibility requirements and prioritization criteria have not yet been established. At this time, DFA is focused on identifying eligible entities, such as public agencies, public water systems, or nonprofits, that are interested in receiving a grant to run a local or regional program that provides O&M funding to multiple water systems. If your organization would like to participate in this important effort to support DAC systems, the first step is to submit a Letter of Interest by July 12, 2021.     

The Request for Letters of Interest has more information.  If you have questions after reviewing the Request for Letters of Interest, please contact Meghan Tosney, Supervising Engineer, at  

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