NOTICE: State Water Board 2020 General Order for the Nationwide Permits Update

From the State Water Board:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reissued a number of Nationwide Permits (NWPs) that go into effect today, March 15, 2021, including NWPs 12 (oil or natural gas pipeline activities), 57 (electric utility line and telecommunications activities), and 58 (utility line activities for water and other substances).

Applicants seeking enrollment under NWPs 12, 57, and 58 should continue to submit Notices of Intent to the State Water Board for processing; however, they should use the forms and apply for coverage according to the 2020 State Water Board Order No. 2020-0039-EXEC and Attachments (

For applicants seeking enrollment under the Nationwide Permits listed below, applicants should continue to submit Notices of Intent to the applicable Regional Water Quality Control Board pursuant to the 2017 State Water Board General Certification of the Nationwide Permits (

  • NWP 1 for aids to navigation
  • NWP 4 for fish and wildlife harvesting, enhancement, and attraction devices and activities
  • NWP 5 for scientific measurement devices
  • NWP 6 for survey activities
  • NWP 9 for structures in fleeting and anchorage areas
  • NWP 10 for mooring buoys
  • NWP 11 for temporary recreational structures
  • NWP 20 for response operations for oil or hazardous substances
  • NWP 22 for removal of vessels
  • NWP 28 for modifications of existing marinas
  • NWP 32 for completed enforcement actions
  • NWP 36 for boat ramps
  • NWP 54 for living shorelines

For more information, visit the State Water Board’s General Orders Webpage (, or contact Jean Bandura at

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