WATER INNOVATIONS: Pandemic concerns; Co-digesting food waste and wastewater solids; Acoustic leak detection; and more …

In this issue:

  • Pandemic Adds New Resiliency Concerns For Water Providers: LA survey reveals what COVID-19 has wrought at utilities, and what actions may be necessary to prepare for future events.
  • Co-Digesting Food Waste With Wastewater Solids To Produce Energy: Inspired in part by California’s Senate Bill 1383, which was enacted to reduce organic waste and methane emissions, co-digestion is fulfilling those goals while converting wastewater treatment plants into water resource recovery facilities.
  • How Acoustic Water Leak Detection Is Used To Tackle Water Loss: Italy’s biggest multi-utility, A2A S.p.A., like many water utilities in North America and around the world, had to corral water loss to sustain efficient operations. A2A piloted acoustic leak detection as a potential solution, achieving A+ results.
  • And more …

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