THE CURRENT: Rewinding through Cal Trout’s history; Rindge Dam removal, Hat Creek: From past to present; Search for the Kern River rainbow; and more …

The Current is a publication of Cal Trout.

Cal Trout writes: While searching through the archives for our 50th Anniversary, we found old videos that captured our progress and history at pivotal moments. Our featured story Rewinding Through CalTrout’s History takes you on a short video journey. Witness our growth and evolution to the organization we are today.

Also in this issue:

  • Rindge Dam Removal and Malibu Creek Ecosystem Restoration – Rindge Dam in Malibu Creek is an obsolete structure that has not functioned as intended for 80 years. Removal is now poised to proceed.
  • Hat Creek: From Past to Present – In 2021, CalTrout is designing the next phase of restoration and protection to carry on the work that Richard May began so many decades ago.
  • Spot Check: The Wild and Scenic Mokelumne River – From fisherman to fighter, follow Mike Wier’s journey to save his precious home river, the Wild and Scenic Mokelumne.
  • Craig’s Corner: Search for the Kern River Rainbow – Here’s a sneak peek trailer of Craig’s 24-day unassisted wilderness jaunt through the secret lair of the Kern River Rainbow.
  • What the Science Says: Conservation of Inland Trout Populations in California – A look at Little Kern golden trout’s genetics and conservation history.
  • Partner Profile: Round Valley Indian Tribe – The Round Valley Indian Tribes is a sovereign tribal nation and member of the Two Basin Partnership.

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